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How Many Reps Can People Really Do at Specific 1RM Percentages?

People are starting to favor autoregulated load prescriptions now that the limitations of the classic percentage-based loading charts are well known. However, a meta-regression updated these loading charts, so this article discusses whether percentage-based prescriptions are worth revisiting.

Peaking for Drug-Free Bodybuilding with Dr. Eric Helms

Dr. Helms is currently halfway through his fifth competitive bodybuilding season, during which he won a WNBF pro card. In this interview with Lauren Colenso-Semple, he discusses the art and science of peaking, how his approach has evolved over the years, and considerations for individuals competing in back to back shows.

How Much Dietary Fat Do We Really Need?

There’s no question that we need dietary fat. However, when it comes to exactly how much we need, definitive answers are hard to find. This short article aims to provide some evidence-based insights on minimum fat requirements.

No, Creatine (Probably) Doesn’t Cause Hair Loss

There are many common concerns and myths about creatine, but none quite as popular as the idea that creatine will make you go bald. In this article, we’ll discuss where the idea came from, and why you probably don’t need to be concerned about creatine causing hair loss.

Beyond the Headlines: Aspartame and Cancer Risk

You’ve probably seen the headlines; the International Agency for Research on Cancer recently made waves by declaring aspartame a “possible carcinogen.” Let’s get to the bottom of what this really means.

Effective Strength Training for the Time-Poor

It is a given that at some stage in your training career, you will end up time-poor. This article covers strategies for continuing to progress, even when time is tight.

Don’t Close the Door on Creatine Yet

A recent meta-analysis suggested that creatine only has a “trivial-to-small” effect on muscle growth. However, that language might understate the actual impact of creatine.

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