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When to Use Specific Progressive Overload Strategies

When to Use Specific Progressive Overload Strategies

A previous study found that progressing load lifted or reps led to similar increases in strength and muscle size. A new study made the same comparison, but did they find the same results? This article discusses the new study and when to use specific progressive overload strategies.

When Should I Consider Taking a New Supplement?

When Should You Consider Taking a New Supplement?

While most new supplements released to the market don’t pan out as effective, some do. So, if preliminary data supports the potential efficacy of a new supplement, why not try it out? The only potential downside of trying a new supplement is wasted money, right? Not so fast.

The Pros and Cons of Caffeine

Caffeine can give a boost of energy and acutely improve performance, but concerns about potential downsides (such as sleep disruption or heart issues) are common. This article discusses both the pros and the cons of caffeine consumption.

Can You Get to 10% Body-Fat in Eight Weeks?

The majority of goals I get asked about identify a specific body-fat percentage as the target and set a specific deadline for goal completion. In this article, I explain why I think both strategies are typically suboptimal and propose an alternative approach.

How Many Reps Can People Really Do at Specific 1RM Percentages?

People are starting to favor autoregulated load prescriptions now that the limitations of the classic percentage-based loading charts are well known. However, a meta-regression updated these loading charts, so this article discusses whether percentage-based prescriptions are worth revisiting.

Peaking for Drug-Free Bodybuilding with Dr. Eric Helms

Dr. Helms is currently halfway through his fifth competitive bodybuilding season, during which he won a WNBF pro card. In this interview with Lauren Colenso-Semple, he discusses the art and science of peaking, how his approach has evolved over the years, and considerations for individuals competing in back to back shows.

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