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Every month, we do a journal sweep for MASS to make sure we’re up to date on the research, and so we have a chance to pick out the best studies for each monthly issue. It’s pretty time-intensive, and so I figure that if we’re already doing the work, we may as well make it available to people for free so they don’t have to spend their own time on it (why should thousands of people spend thousands of cumulative hours on something that someone else is already doing?).

Don’t request editing access to any of these sheets.

Here’s the list of journals we go through each month (and again, if you think we’re missing any, shoot us a message to let us know):

Journal List

Here’s the list of studies from the past few years (some of the links may not work; they’ll often go dead when a study goes from epubbed ahead of print to actually printed in an issue. If you come across a dead link, just Google the title of the study and it should pop up. Don’t alert us about dead links; they’re not a big deal, and we don’t have the time to keep them all updated):


And here’s the current month’s:

September 2023

I (Greg) used to do the journal sweep every month. As of February 2020, Kedric Kwan and Colby Sousa have taken it over. If you enjoy this resource, make sure you shoot them a message to say thanks!

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