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Can High Rep Lifting Replace Cardio For Lifters?

Squatting and deadlifting for high reps can certainly wear you out. But does that mean lifting can actually improve your conditioning as much as traditional cardio modalities?  

Jacked sprint cyclists

Avoiding Cardio Could Be Holding You Back

What you’re getting yourself into ~3100 words 8-12 minute read time Key Points Lifting heavy things is more metabolically taxing than most people realize. Most people think of weight training as a purely anaerobic enterprise, but the majority of the energy you use to train is produced by your aerobic energy system. Cardiovascular training can improve your recovery between sets and workouts, and won’t interfere with strength or muscle gains if you do it correctly.

Practical Considerations for Combining Cardio and Lifting

Hey guys, after the huge response to my recent article about combining aerobic and resistance training, I got my friend Alex Viada to go into a little more depth on the subject.  Combining the two is what he does for a living, so he’s the guy to really talk about application.  I’m just a guy going through the research – he’s the expert that REALLY knows this subject inside and out.  I hope you enjoy! 

Cardio and Lifting – Cardio won’t hugely impact your gains in the short run, and may be beneficial for strength and size in the long run

The strength and fitness worlds have, unfortunately, fallen prey to cardio fear-mongering, and I think that’s to their detriment.  At this point, it should be indisputable that aerobic training can improve almost every major marker of health, however, I think that it might actually improve your strength and size gains (or, at the very least, not hurt them) as well. Short-Term For starters, we don’t really have to guess about the short-term effects of cardio

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