The Bulgarian Bundle: The next level of Bulgarian training is here.

Introducing the Bulgarian Bundle: Three tools to crush your Bulgarian Method concerns. Get the Slavic Swole training program, the Bulgarian Tracker, and the Simplified Strength training program for only $10. 

1. A training program that gives you a way to squat every day and build a great physique.

The Bulgarian Method is all about strength. Aesthetics? Not so much. The Slavic Swole program integrates the two, giving you a way to squat every day AND build a great physique. 

The Slavic Swole training program 

  • Two different training programs based on skill level.
  • Designed for well-rounded muscular and strength progress.
  • Includes guide for implementation, detailing tips for adjustments and heightened results.


2. A spreadsheet to help you auto-regulate the Bulgarian Method.

It’s difficult to auto-regulate on the Bulgarian Method. We understand. If you don’t know what’s stalling progress, how will you know how to move forward?  The Bulgarian Tracker will become your secret weapon.

The Bulgarian Tracker

  • Pinpoint trends in your training and make data-driven adjustments.
  • See progressions in daily maxed and volume, reassuring you of the bigger picture of progress.
  • Identify when workouts are effective and when you need to pull back or push harder.


3. A training program with a more detail-oriented approach to the Bulgarian Method.

Want to apply the Bulgarian Method strictly for strength, but want more structure in your program? Simplified Strength has you covered. 

  • Take the guesswork out of auto-regulation with a more detailed-oriented approach.
  • Guidance and specific plans based on how many training days per week you want.
  • Know when your body is ready for PRs, so you can push at the right time.


Get all three products for only $10.



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