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The Bulgarian Manual

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Greg and Omar have successfully implemented the Bulgarian Method and helped dozens of athletes do the same. 

This free product has a lot to offer you ... 

  • Understand the Bulgarian Method's power through learning the method's foundational science and theory.

  • Learn to implement it as either a long-term solution or as part of a broader training plan.

  • Insight on adjustments and tricks learned from trial, error, and smashing records.

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  • History and background of the Bulgarian Method, which produced one of the greatest weightlifting dynasties of all time.
  • What science has to say about the benefits of high-frequency training strength.
  • How your body adapts to handle this style of training.
  • Why splitting your training up across a week is superior to hitting a lift once or twice per week.
  • Practical advice for getting the most out of the Bulgarian system.
  • The REAL driver of progress with the Bulgarian Method (Hint: Most people don't understand the real key).
  • Tools you can use to make the Bulgarian Method even more effective.
  • Long-term programming considerations.
  • How to integrate the Bulgarian Method into a broader training plan.
  • How to get started with the Bulgarian Method.
  • An alternate approach to the "traditional" Bulgarian Method that has proven even MORE effective.

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