Should you Deadlift Conventional or Sumo?

What You’re Getting Yourself Into: 1,900 words, 6-13 minute read time Key Points: Your hip structure will impact your strength and comfort in the conventional and sumo deadlift much more than factors like height and limb lengths. There are no factors that make either the conventional or the sumo deadlift inherently easier or harder.  It’s more a matter of individual strengths and weaknesses. Hip extension demands are nearly identical between the conventional and sumo deadlifts.

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Everything You Think Is Wrong With Your Deadlift Is Probably Right

What you’re getting yourself into: -1750 words.  5-8 minute read time.  If you’re in a hurry, don’t fret.  There are a lot of pictures that will help you get the concepts, even if you need to skim the text. Key Points: If you’re afraid you deadlift with your hips too high or too low, it’s probably just a matter of how you’re built. Rounding your back when you deadlift “works,” primarily, by decreasing how hard

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Greg deadlifts 500 in early February,

What I Learned to Deadlift 500 Pounds

This is installment 2 in a (currently) 8-part series.  The first was “What I learned to squat 500 pounds.”  I’m planning on doing one installment for each 100-pound increment for squat and deadlift starting at 500, and each 50-pound increment on bench starting at 350.  Just as a refresher from the first installment: “There are three types of strong people. 1. Lucky ones 2. Injured ones 3. Smart ones Unless you’re simply a freak, getting

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