Can You Drop (Set) Weight for Gains?

Drop sets are enjoyable, time efficient, and according to a new meta-analysis, lead to similar hypertrophy and strength gains as traditional sets. So, are drop sets all you need? This article tackles that question from every angle.

Is Regional Hypertrophy Predictable?

The idea that regional hypertrophy is normal and can be manipulated with exercise selection is now well established. However, the question remains, can we predict longitudinal regional hypertrophy outcomes with acute measures like EMG and muscle swelling?

Optimizing Bulking Diets To Facilitate Hypertrophy

Weight loss is a common goal for people who wish to improve their health, compete in a physique sport, or make weight for a strength sport with weight classes. However, weight gain is an equally valid and important diet goal, and should be approached just as strategically. This article discusses how to construct an optimized bulking diet.

Do Oral Contraceptives Affect Your Gains?

A recent study examined the effects of oral contraceptives on strength gains, hypertrophy, and anabolic signaling. Do female lifters need to worry about hormonal contraceptives affecting their gains? Read on to find out.

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