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In each episode, Greg and Lyndsey from Stronger By Science delve into exercise and nutrition research, health and fitness trends, and listener questions. Through deep dives, banter, and anecdotes, you’ll learn how to interpret and apply the latest science, how to explain fitness trends to your friends, and what actually matters when it comes to living a strong, healthy life.

Episode Archive

Which Micronutrients Are Worth Monitoring? (Episode 121)

In the final episode of our micronutrient series, Greg and Lyndsey discuss which micronutrients are most worth monitoring and good food sources for the micronutrients you may be under-consuming. Then, we talk more broadly about why you shouldn’t allow a focus on micronutrients specifically to detract from the pursuit of a generally healthy diet.

Understanding Micronutrient Targets: What Do They Mean, and Where Do They Come From? (Episode 120)

In this episode (which is Part 2 of our micronutrient series), Greg and Lyndsey discuss nutrient targets: where they come from, what they mean, and how to think about them. They also talk about the relative imprecision of micronutrient tracking, why micronutrient content can differ so much within a single food, and why it can be challenging to track your micronutrient intake in the first place.

Micronutrients Deserve More Attention (Episode 119)

In this episode, we aim to provide a solid foundation for building a better understanding of micronutrients. Along the way, Greg also shares some fun facts that prove that micronutrients are way more interesting than you may have thought. This is the first part of a micronutrient series we’ll be doing on the podcast.

Sleep and Nutrition: Pre-Sleep Snacks, and How Your Diet Impacts Your Sleep (Episode 118)

The industry for pre-sleep supplements, foods, and products is booming. But what actually works, and how much does our diet actually impact our sleep quality and quantity? Greg and Lyndsey talk about how pre-sleep products are marketed, break down the science behind popular sleep supplements (like melatonin, magnesium, lavender, and more), and discuss how macronutrient distributions influence sleep. They also answer a few listener questions about pre-sleep protein and about the impact of eating meals right before bedtime.

Creatine Myths: Hair Loss, Bloating, Dosing, and More (Episode 117)

Does creatine cause hair loss? What about bloating? In this episode, Greg and Lyndsey bust myths and misconceptions about creatine, one of the most popular supplements on the market. Greg also explains how creatine actually works to increase muscle growth and discusses myths related to creatine dosing (is 5g per day enough?). Then, they play a few listener calls about creatine and answer questions about creatine’s impact on individual genetic potential for muscularity, different forms of creatine, and the interaction between caffeine and creatine.

Aspartame: The Surprisingly Interesting Science and History (Episode 116)

Greg and Lyndsey dive into the history, conspiracies, science, and media coverage of aspartame to present a thorough overview of the recent WHO reports linking aspartame and cancer risk. Is this one of the longest “podcast episodes” ever? Probably. But it’s packed with fascinating history, relevant research breakdowns and media criticism, and takeaways for interpreting and navigating our society’s abundance of health warnings.

Vibration Plates, Lifting During Pregnancy, and a New Era for the SBS Podcast (Episode 115)

In this episode, Greg and Lyndsey delve into the history and science behind vibration plates. Are there legitimate, scientific purposes for this trendy piece of equipment, or is it just a total scam? Then, they discuss a new study that investigated the impact of heavy resistance training on pregnancy and postpartum health outcomes. That discussion leads to a larger conversation about how exercise guidelines evolve.

Weight Loss Plateaus, Tough Love, and Energy Audits (Replay of Episode 77)

In this episode from the archive, Eric and Greg discuss topics including metabolic adaptation, energy compensation, and a long list of factors that may lead us to overestimate energy expenditure or underestimate energy intake. The discussion yields several practical, evidence-based tips for overcoming challenges and breaking through plateaus when pursuing a weight loss goal.

Sleep, Health, and Fitness (Episode 114)

In today’s episode, Eric Trexler discusses the relationships between sleep, health, and fitness. First, he discusses how sleep impairments can negatively impact health-related outcomes and impede progress toward a variety of fitness-related goals. After that, he describes a number of practical strategies to get better sleep and to mitigate the negative impacts of insufficient sleep.

Hunger and Appetite Management (Episode 113)

Whether you’re trying to gain, lose, or maintain weight, strategic management of hunger and appetite can come in handy. In today’s episode, Eric Trexler discusses a variety of practical strategies for managing hunger and appetite to support a more successful and enjoyable dieting experience.

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