Greg Nuckols and Eric Trexler from Stronger By Science share evidence, anecdotes, and incoherent ramblings on training, nutrition, science, and life in general.

Goal Setting and Behavior Change

In preparation for the new year (and the resolutions that come with it), today’s episode is all about goal setting and behavior change. Eric and Greg have a long, evidence-based conversation about the research on setting effective goals and successfully changing health behaviors. The discussion yields several evidence-based tips for setting better goals and maximally supporting your ability to achieve them.

Reverse Dieting, Bodybuilding Mortality, and Optimizing Biomechanics

Eric gives some contextualized clarifications about how the concept of “reverse dieting” has, in his opinion, been commonly misapplied. Next, Greg explores mortality rates among untested bodybuilders using a data-driven approach, and Eric provides a quick and practical “Coach’s Corner” segment about proactively managing your sleep and circadian rhythm in the winter months. Finally, Greg and Eric answer some listener questions, and Eric closes out the show by thanking the pharmaceutical industry for giving him a new lease on life.

Partial ROM, Intra-Workout Carbs, MASS Research Roundup

Greg and Eric discuss some of their favorite MASS articles from the past year or so, with topics including p-ratios, plant-based protein, carbs for lifters, effects of diet on testosterone, emerging supplements, partial-ROM training, the interference effect (concurrent training), and muscle damage. Finally, Eric answers some listener questions about soy protein and intra-workout carbohydrate, then closes out the show by recommending some focus-enhancing music to play while you work.

Cooling Gloves, Cardio Considerations, and Protein in Aging

Greg shares a Road to the Stage update, and Eric takes a sharp turn onto the Road to Athens. That’s followed by Feats of Strength, and a Tech Support segment sharing MacroFactor reminders and updates related to the knowledge base, food database expansion, and the new public roadmap. Next, Greg provides an in-depth review of the literature related to cooling gloves and performance, and Eric gives some contextualized clarifications about low-calorie diets, age-related protein considerations, and positive aspects of cardio. Finally, Greg answers some listener questions, and Eric closes out the show by issuing a sobering warning about the grave consequences of Fat Bear Week.

Calorie Restriction, Protein Restriction, App Updates

Today’s episode features a number of protein-themed segments. First, Eric summarizes some recent discussions regarding the consumption of whey protein among vegetarians, along with some information about fascinating innovations in lab-based production of protein sources. After that, Eric reviews the literature linking calorie restriction and protein restriction to health and longevity. Greg then discusses a new Stronger By Science article on reverse Nordic curls, and shares some exciting updates about the MacroFactor diet app. That’s followed by a Q&A segment in which Eric answers questions about discrepancies between MPS research and hypertrophy research, the lowest advisable protein intake that can adequately support gains, and the concept of using alkaline water or other dietary manipulations to influence blood pH. Finally, to close out the show, Greg discusses his quest to perfect high-protein bread.

Refeeds, Diet Breaks, Fructose, and Sodium

In today’s episode, Eric shares a research-heavy update on diet breaks and refeeds, followed by a Tech Support segment in which Greg discusses food databases and some practical tips for easy and efficient food logging. That’s followed by a Q&A segment featuring questions about topics including sleep, sodium, fructose, accuracy of self-reported food intake, managing exercise and nutrition during vacations, and much more.

Carbohydrate-Insulin Model, Counting Calories, and Setting Up a Diet

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric debut a new segment called “Tech Support,” in which they discuss a few common questions and comments about MacroFactor. After that, Greg discusses a new review paper about the carbohydrate-insulin model of obesity, and Eric discusses the newest Stronger by Science article about how to set up a diet. To wrap up the show, Greg and Eric select their favorites and place their bets for the upcoming Fat Bear Week.

Constrained Energy, Modeling Hypertrophy, and Effects of Aging on Performance

Today’s show features a research review segment in which Eric covers a couple papers that made headlines: one reported that we offset some of the calories burned during exercise by saving energy elsewhere, and another reported that hot dogs can shorten our lives by about 36 minutes. After that, Greg discusses a new paper about modeling muscle growth that also generated plenty of headlines, along with an important update about the performance effects of caffeine for women. This episode also features a Coach’s Corner segment about setting calorie targets for a wide range of diet goals, and a Q&A segment addressing topics including the effects of aging on performance, the long-term health ramifications of bulking and cutting, the effect of pre-bed meals on sleep quality, and more.

Metabolic Rate, Blood Flow Restricted Training, and Turkesterone

In today’s episode, Eric gives a thorough overview of a recent study that has generated a lot of buzz about how age and biological sex relate to metabolic rate and total energy expenditure. After discussing the new findings, Eric provides several practical strategies for estimating total daily energy expenditure. In addition, Greg presents a research update summarizing some new findings in the area of blood flow restricted training. Finally, Greg and Eric discuss the research (or lack thereof) assessing the effects of Turkesterone supplementation on exercise performance and resistance training adaptations.

Energy Deficiency, Training Frequency, and Beginner Gains

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric provide an update about MacroFactor, their forthcoming nutrition app that is in the final stages of development. They also cover a variety of topics including relative energy deficiency, diet recovery, training frequency, beginner gains, the “constrained energy model,” ideal durations for bulking and cutting phases, and more.

Responders, Non-Responders, and Fish Oil

In this episode, Greg and Eric provide a huge update related to the good news segment, some very impressive and potentially controversial feats of strength, and dueling research reviews about fish oil and distinguishing between responders and non-responders to training. They also answer some listener questions and congratulate the sport of baseball for becoming interesting again.

Capsaicin, Multivitamins, and Time Off

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric discuss some Good News and Feats of Strength, in addition to a quick update about the new nutrition app that is in development. After that, Eric has a Research Roundup segment that covers capsaicin supplementation for performance and ketogenic diets for hypertrophy. That’s followed by a Coach’s Corner in which Greg discusses how to navigate vacations and potential periods of time away from the gym. After that, Greg and Eric answer some listener questions, and Greg wraps up the show by telling his harrowing tale of undergoing a fitness assessment in a commercial gym.

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