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In each episode, the Stronger By Science team delves into exercise and nutrition research, health and fitness trends, and listener questions. Through deep dives, banter, and anecdotes, you’ll learn how to interpret and apply the latest science, how to explain fitness trends to your friends, and what actually matters when it comes to living a strong, healthy life.

Episode Archive

How To Train The Back (Episode 135)

From back training anecdotes to practical recommendations, this episode has got your….back when it comes to back training (apologies for the pun). In this podcast episode, the SBS team goes over back training, including why the current literature directly examining changes in the back musculature is so limited.

SBS Battle Royale (Episode 134)

In this podcast episode, Greg, Pak, and Milo enter the impromptu-debate arena for the first SBS Battle Royale. Mental gymnastics, science, drama, and the signature SBS banter you all know and love are all packed into a pilot episode that will either be remembered forever or forgotten in a few weeks.

Does Lifting Really Improve Mental Health? (Episode 133)

Greg, Pak, and Milo review the literature on lifting for mental health. Does exercising improve your mood? How long does this last? What about lifting? Can we improve our long-term mental health through physical activity and lifting weights?

Is Stretch-Mediated Hypertrophy Overhyped? (Episode 132)

In this episode, Milo, Greg, and Pak sit down to discuss the concept of stretch-mediated hypertrophy, from the foundational animal studies, to human stretching studies, to present day hype around stretch-mediated hypertrophy and lengthened partials. They also discuss how they’re currently implementing lengthened training into their workout routines.

All About Sleep (Part 2)

In this episode, Greg, Pak, and Milo delve into research on sleep’s impact on lifting and sports performance, recount sleep-related anecdotes from their college days, and explore strategies to counteract poor sleep when enhancing sleep quality is not feasible. Finally, the team addresses several questions from the SBS social media communities.

All About Sleep (Part 1) (Episode 130)

In this episode, Greg, Pak, and Milo take a deep dive in the research around sleep and health, from sleep duration to the latest data on sleep regularity and shift work.

Is Body Fat Spot Reduction Really a Myth? (Episode 129)

In this episode, Greg, Pak, and Milo tackle the research around body fat spot reduction. First, they tackle the research on various ointments, creams, garments, and whole body vibration. Following this, they discuss the evidence for spot reduction as an adaptation to different exercise types such as endurance and resistance training.

Extreme Volumes, Extreme Gains? (Part 2) (Episode 128)

In the second and final part of the extreme volume for hypertrophy series, Greg, Pak, and Milo delve into the research on volume for hypertrophy. They review the remainder of the evidence and practical concerns, then answer audience questions.

Extreme Volumes, Extreme Gains? (Part 1) (Episode 127)

In this episode, the SBS team begins their deep dive into the data around really high training volumes and hypertrophy, going over the history of training volume practices and research while also taking an in-depth look at the latest high volume study by Enes et al.

Q&A: Insulin resistance and hypertrophy, stimulant metabolism, and BMR variability (Episode 126)

In this Q&A episode of the podcast, Greg and Lyndsey answer questions about how to research a new subject, the effect of diabetes or insulin resistance on hypertrophy, how a pump might affect moment arms in movements, how much is too much isolation work, and more. They also give an update on the future of the podcast and announce that Dr Pak and Dr Milo Wolf are teaming up with Stronger By Science.

Long Muscle Length Training with Dr. Milo Wolf (Episode 125)

In this episode, Greg sits down with Dr. Milo Wolf to discuss long muscle length training. Long-length partials are a hot topic, and Dr. Wolf is one of the folks doing research in this area, and popularizing long-length partials as a training method to increase muscle growth.

Exercise Technique and Minimum Effective Dose Training with Dr. Pak (Episode 124)

In this episode, Greg is joined by Dr. Patroklos Androulakis-Korakakis (Dr. Pak) to discuss his research on minimum effective dose training, and his recent narrative review on optimizing exercise technique for muscle growth. While this episode does dig into the research, the lads tried to keep a clear focus on actionable takeaways to help you improve your training results.

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