Greg Nuckols and Eric Trexler from Stronger By Science share evidence, anecdotes, and incoherent ramblings on training, nutrition, science, and life in general.

Restoring Motivation, Issues in Research, and Walking for Weight Loss

In today’s episode, Eric kicks things off by answering two questions from listeners. The first is about proper mixing and storage of creatine, and the second is about rediscovering and restoring motivation to work out. Next, Greg provides a research-packed answer to a listener’s question about whether or not there is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to weight loss and walking. After that, Eric discusses a few issues in the world of research and academic publishing that should impact the way we interpret some scientific research papers.

Intuitive Eating, Plyometrics for Hypertrophy, and a Sauna Update

In today’s episode, Eric shares a sauna update that explores the effects of sauna bathing on exercise recovery and training adaptations. Next, Greg presents a research review segment that covers the surprisingly positive effects of plyometric exercises on muscle hypertrophy. After that, Eric answers a listener’s questions related to intuitive eating, mindful eating, and health at every size. Finally, to play out the show, Eric revisits the topic of cultural life in Ohio.

Cheat Meals, Sauna, and Time Off From Training

In today’s episode, Eric discusses his newest article that describes the drawbacks of “cheat meals” while recommending some more advisable alternatives. After that, Greg presents a Research Review about the time course of detraining when you take some time off from the gym. Finally, Eric answers a listener’s question about the potential health benefits of sauna bathing, then closes out the show with some bluegrass music recommendations.

Turkesterone, Carb Overfeeding, and Commonly Neglected Muscles

Eric revisits the topic of beta-ecdysterone and turkesterone supplementation in light of some controversy within the supplement industry. Greg discusses the newest Stronger By Science article by Cameron Gill, which explores the most commonly neglected movements and muscles. That’s followed by a Coach’s Corner segment in which Eric discusses carbohydrate overfeeding in the context of bulking diets, and directly compares it to fat overfeeding.

Cognitive Effects of Creatine, Nasal Breathing, and Current Trends in Science

Today’s show begins with a recap of results from the women’s division of the IPF world champions. After that, Greg shares a hybrid Article Discussion/Tech Support segment about a new article covering MacroFactor’s revamped food logging system, which makes it (objectively) the fastest food logger on the market. After that, Greg and Eric debut the “Armchair Scientist’s Corner,” a spinoff of the Coach’s Corner segment, in which they discuss some unfavorable trends in the scientific literature. That’s followed by a Q&A segment.

Fatigue Mechanisms, HIIT Programming, and Sex Disparities in Research

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric revisit the topic of buffering supplements and fatigue as Eric presents a Research Review about the mechanisms driving neuromuscular fatigue. After that, Greg discusses his new article about sex disparities in research. Next, Eric shares a Coach’s Corner segment about programming high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and sprint interval training (SIT) for lifters.

Buffering Strategies, Calorie Counting, and Estimating TDEE

Today’s episode begins with a spoiler in the Feats of Strength segment, as we discuss the winner of this year’s World’s Strongest Man competition. After that, Eric presents a Research Roundup segment about buffering strategies. The segment is mostly about new research on beta-alanine and a couple of related ingredients (carnosine and anserine), but also includes discussions about hyperventilation and the mechanisms involved with various buffering strategies. After that, Greg discusses his newest article on the MacroFactor website, which is called “The Problems with Calorie Counting.”

Sedentary Time, Mating Success, and HIIT Protocols

Today’s episode begins with two unconventional but remarkable Feats of Strength. After that, Eric presents a Research Review segment about the deleterious effects of sedentary time (even in people who regularly exercise), and some practical strategies for reducing sedentary time. Next, Greg reviews a study linking certain masculine traits to mating success, which has been spread widely (and misinterpreted widely) on social media. That’s followed by a brief segment about high-intensity interval training (HIIT), in which Eric clarifies some definitions and describes the wide range of protocols that fall under the “HIIT” umbrella, which can be very adaptable and accessible to all fitness levels. Finally, the show closes with a music recommendation from Eric.

Modified OMAD, Joint-Friendly Warm-Ups, and Muscle Retention While Cutting

In today’s show, Eric presents a Coach’s Corner segment about a modified version of the “one-meal-a-day” (OMAD) eating pattern. After that, Greg shares his own Coach’s Corner segment about joint-friendly warm-up strategies, which leads to a broader discussion about where anecdotal evidence fits within an evidence-based approach to training, nutrition, or content creation. Next, Eric answers a listener’s question about how to retain muscle while cutting.

Dietary Fiber, Responses to Feedback, and Encouraging Exercise

Today’s episode features two remarkable Feats of Strength – one from a human, and one from a tree. After that, Eric presents a Research Review segment in defense of dietary fiber, and Greg responds to some feedback about previous segments on oral contraceptives and the impact of exercise on mortality. Finally, the show closes with a discussion about how to encourage people to start exercising (and maintain it), along with some vague words of caution and a shocking revelation about kiwis.

Sumo Deadlifts, Procrastination, and Oral Contraceptives

Today’s episode features a crazy (and historic) Feat of Strength, which leads into a discussion about whether or not sumo deadlifting is cheating. After that, Eric answers a few questions from listeners about topics including easy vegetarian protein sources, how to deal with a tendency to procrastinate, how long a weight loss phase can last, and whether or not you should have a maintenance phase immediately after a bulking phase. Finally, to close out the show, Greg discusses his recent article about how oral contraceptives impact (or don’t impact) training adaptations, along with a brief discussion about some good (and absolutely terrible) television show endings.

Body Recomposition, Estimating Energy Expenditure, and Sex Differences in the Bench Press

Today’s episode features a huge breakthrough in Eric’s Road to Athens segment, which leads to a mini Coach’s Corner segment about training around hip pain. After that, Eric discusses his recent Stronger By Science article about body recomposition and gaining strength or muscle mass while in a caloric deficit. Finally, much of the show is dedicated to reviewing the research covered in the newest “Best of MASS” issue, which is now free to download. To close out the show, Eric provides further proof that reading is bad, and Greg provides some media recommendations (and anti-recommendations).

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