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No, Creatine (Probably) Doesn’t Cause Hair Loss

There are many common concerns and myths about creatine, but none quite as popular as the idea that creatine will make you go bald. In this article, we’ll discuss where the idea came from, and why you probably don’t need to be concerned about creatine causing hair loss.

Don’t Close the Door on Creatine Yet

A recent meta-analysis suggested that creatine only has a “trivial-to-small” effect on muscle growth. However, that language might understate the actual impact of creatine.

Can You Avoid Plateaus by Manipulating Relative Training Intensity?

A recent six-month crossover study had subjects perform three months of low-load training and three months of moderate-load training, in a randomized order. The researchers found that lean mass gains were similar during the first and last three months of training, in contrast with other research. Read on to learn if you can truly avoid plateaus via wholesale shifts in relative training intensity every few months.

Is lifting or plyometrics better for runners?

A recent meta-analysis by Eihara and colleagues sought to summarize the literature around these topics, to better inform resistance training exercise prescription for runners.

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