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Can You Get to 10% Body-Fat in Eight Weeks?

The majority of goals I get asked about identify a specific body-fat percentage as the target and set a specific deadline for goal completion. In this article, I explain why I think both strategies are typically suboptimal and propose an alternative approach.

Peaking for Drug-Free Bodybuilding with Dr. Eric Helms

Dr. Helms is currently halfway through his fifth competitive bodybuilding season, during which he won a WNBF pro card. In this interview with Lauren Colenso-Semple, he discusses the art and science of peaking, how his approach has evolved over the years, and considerations for individuals competing in back to back shows.

Crash Dieting is Still a Bad Idea

A recent study indicates that jumping right into a severe energy deficit was just as effective as a progressive stepwise energy deficit for body composition. So are they equivalent? Well, no. A larger net energy deficit should mean greater fat mass loss, but that’s not what happened.

Can You Stay Shredded?

Getting and staying lean is often viewed as a holy grail, but few can actually maintain a shredded physique year round. Why is this? Are there inevitable physiological consequences that make it very difficult to stay really lean, or are people just doing it wrong?

Do Oral Contraceptives Affect Your Gains?

A recent study examined the effects of oral contraceptives on strength gains, hypertrophy, and anabolic signaling. Do female lifters need to worry about hormonal contraceptives affecting their gains? Read on to find out.

Diet Tracking and Disordered Eating: Which Comes First?

A common concern is that quantitatively tracking dietary intake may give rise to disordered eating. A new randomized controlled trial casts doubt on this idea, fueling optimism for people who want to more actively manage their diet without unintended consequences.

Ribosome Biogenesis Influences Whether High Volumes Cause More Growth

Higher volumes tend to lead to more muscle growth and larger strength gains, but not everyone responds to higher volumes in the same way. A recent study found that people who respond better to higher volumes may do so due to an increase in ribosomal content of their muscle fibers.

Modest Glycogen Depletion May Impact Lifting Performance More Than You Think

Some fitness professionals have questioned the importance of dietary carbohydrate, given that resistance training only depletes 24-40% of muscle glycogen. New data suggest that small reductions in muscle glycogen might have bigger performance impacts than once thought. Read on to learn about some very important carbohydrate research.

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