Recovery and Mindset

Injuries in Powerlifting: Basic Results

This is part 2 of our series of articles based on a yearlong injury study we (semi) recently concluded. In the first analytical look at the injury study data, we will be focusing on whether the people who sustained an injury during the course of the study differed from the people who didn’t sustain an injury.

Genetics-Based Expectations Affect Your Physiology

A recent study told people they had either a good or bad genetic draw for aerobic exercise or hunger and satiety. Manipulating the subjects’ beliefs about their genetics changed both their objective and subjective responses to subsequent testing. This study builds upon prior literature showing that expectancy can influence outcomes to a surprising degree.

Goal-Setting: Mind Your Own Business

After yesterday’s article (Realistic is Overrated), let’s talk some more about goal-setting and motivation with a bit more nuance. Goals serve two basic purposes:  They keep you on track, and they keep you motivated. There are also two basic types of goals:  outcome goals (what you want to accomplish) and process goals (what you need to do repeatedly in order to accomplish your outcome goals). Outcome goals are the goals that play a bigger role in motivation, and …

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Bench press

Why Cookie-Cutter Solutions Often Fail: Context

It can be hard to sieve through all the fitness information on the Internet. Picking out the wheat from the chaff is tough, and to make it worse, even a lot of the good information out there is misunderstood and misused by those who access it. The issue is that we are obsessed with content, what the information is saying, but rarely give any thought to the context in which the information is being given. …

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