Extreme Volumes, Extreme Gains? (Part 2) (Episode 128)

In the second and final part of the extreme volume for hypertrophy series, Greg, Pak, and Milo delve into the research on volume for hypertrophy. They review the remainder of the evidence and practical concerns, then answer audience questions.

Time Stamps

00:00:00 – Intro

00:11:13 – Evidence for high volumes

01:02:53 – Evidence with neutral outcomes

02:04:51 – Discussing other volume review papers

02:33:07 – Diminishing Returns of Volume for Hypertrophy

02:48:58 – Can you use high volumes for multiple muscles at once?

03:04:07 – Are participants really training hard in these studies?

03:18:27 – Hypertrophy vs. Muscle Swelling

03:35:25 – What role does rest time play?

03:46:01 – Practical Strategies to Increase Training Volume

04:24:35 – Audience Questions

Most of the research discussed in this episode can be found here:

Effects of a Modified German Volume Training Program on Muscular Hypertrophy and Strength

Dose-Response Relationship of Weekly Resistance-Training Volume and Frequency on Muscular Adaptations in Trained Men

The Effect of Weight Training Volume on Hormonal Output and Muscular Size and Function

A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Resistance Training on Whole-Body Muscle Growth in Healthy Adult Males

Eccentric exercise per se does not affect muscle damage biomarkers: early and late phase adaptations

Muscle Shear Elastic Modulus Provides an Indication of the Protection Conferred by the Repeated Bout Effect

High Resistance-Training Volume Enhances Muscle Thickness in Resistance-Trained Men

Dose-response of 1, 3, and 5 sets of resistance exercise on strength, local muscular endurance, and hypertrophy

Resistance Training Volume Enhances Muscle Hypertrophy but Not Strength in Trained Men

Progressive Resistance Training Volume: Effects on Muscle Thickness, Mass, and Strength Adaptations in Resistance-Trained Individuals

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