All About Sleep (Part 2)

In this episode, Greg, Pak, and Milo delve into research on sleep's impact on lifting and sports performance, recount sleep-related anecdotes from their college days, and explore strategies to counteract poor sleep when enhancing sleep quality is not feasible. Finally, the team addresses several questions from the SBS social media communities.

Time Stamps

00:06:34 – Effects of acute sleep loss on physical performance
00:22:20 – Sleep anecdotes from our time at College
00:54:23 – Impact of sleep interventions on athletic performance
01:11:14 – Ad Break
01:11:19 – Napping
01:25:42 – Mitigating some of the damage caused by poor sleep
01:40:37 – Sleep impact on protein synthesis
01:51:11 – Can exercise offset the cognitive impacts of sleep deprivation?
02:00:50 – QnA & closing thoughts


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