Which Micronutrients Are Worth Monitoring? (Episode 121)

In the final episode of our micronutrient series, Greg and Lyndsey discuss which micronutrients are most worth monitoring and good food sources for the micronutrients you may be under-consuming. Then, we talk more broadly about why you shouldn’t allow a focus on micronutrients specifically to detract from the pursuit of a generally healthy diet.

Introduction (0:00)

 Recommendations and good vibes (0:20)

 Announcement for next episode: get your questions in for an all-Q&A episode! (8:06)

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Getting into the content; discussing the difference between insufficient intake and deficient intake/status. (13:40)

Content discussed in this episode:

 Nutrients that are often overconsumed (21:52)

Added sugar

Saturated fat


Excluded: Omega-6

Excluded: Trans Fats

Nutrients that are frequently under-consumed (44:14)

Most of the data related to under-consumed nutrients came from these sources:

More on individual nutrients

 Nutrients vegans may want to pay more attention to (1:08:46)

 Be sure to avoid “micronutrient reductionism” (1:21:58)

 Q&A (1:37:49)

Are multivitamins overrated? (1:38:37)

 Is low blood vitamin D often the result of some other underlying problem? (1:57:33)

Are there any good proxy measurements to know if you’re meeting micronutrient targets without needing to track micronutrients? (2:09:19)

Folic acid supplementation when trying to get pregnant (2:12:38)

Evidence of vitamin K along with vitamin D and Boron supplementation (2:21:04)

Vitamin K


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