Exercise Technique and Minimum Effective Dose Training with Dr. Pak (Episode 124)

In this episode, Greg is joined by Dr. Patroklos Androulakis-Korakakis (Dr. Pak) to discuss his research on minimum effective dose training, and his recent narrative review on optimizing exercise technique for muscle growth. While this episode does dig into the research, the lads tried to keep a clear focus on actionable takeaways to help you improve your training results.

Time stamps

Intro and Plugs (00:00:00)

 Dr. Pak Intro, Bio and Projects (00:15:49)

 Dr. Pak’s Paper: Optimizing Resistance Training Technique to Maximize Muscle Hypertrophy (00:34:14)

 Technique: Tempo/Eccentric and Concentric Movement (00:59:14)

 Minimum Effective Dose – Overview (01:16:14)

 Dr. Pak’s PhD Research – Implications for MED (01:24:51)

 Why Should We Care about MED? (01:41:18)

 How Does MED Change Over Time? (01:52:01)

Q&A (01:59:53)

 Social Media Q&A (02:13:22)

 Outro (02:30:47)

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