Q&A: Insulin resistance and hypertrophy, stimulant metabolism, and BMR variability (Episode 126)

In this Q&A episode of the podcast, Greg and Lyndsey answer questions about how to research a new subject, the effect of diabetes or insulin resistance on hypertrophy, how a pump might affect moment arms in movements, how much is too much isolation work, and more. They also give an update on the future of the podcast and announce that Dr Pak and Dr Milo Wolf are teaming up with Stronger By Science.

Time Stamps

00:00:00 – Podcast Updates

00:21:29 – Q&A Intro and “How do you go about researching a whole new subject?” (Q1 from Teo)

00:39:29 – “Does T2DM make hypertrophy impossible?” (Q2 from Jon) 

00:55:18 – “Does getting a pump increase strength?” (Q3 from Alexander) 

01:05:20 –  Stimulant metabolism (Q4 from Connor Smith)

01:17:40 – “How much can BMR vary between individuals?” (Q5 from Jon) 

01:29:35 – “Is it possible to taper down activity levels (steps) without reducing calories?” (Q6 from Angela) 

01:41:10 – “How do you incorporate plyometrics and explosive training for jump height” (Q8 from trugor) 

01:54:29 – “Is there any research showing damage to the blood vessels or whatnot in the longer term due to the blood pressure increase, because of bracing/Valsalva maneuver?” (Q9 from No_Performer_8133)

02:00:51 – “How much isolation work is too much?” (Q10 from tompa01) 

02:10:05 – “Favorite and least favorite things I’ve cooked” (Q11 from Ali Shah) 

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