Is Body Fat Spot Reduction Really a Myth? (Episode 129)

In this episode, Greg, Pak, and Milo tackle the research around body fat spot reduction. First, they tackle the research on various ointments, creams, garments, and whole body vibration. Following this, they discuss the evidence for spot reduction as an adaptation to different exercise types such as endurance and resistance training.

Time Stamps

00:00:00 – Intro & plugs
00:17:41 – Spot reduction history, whole body vibration, garments & ointments
00:46:04 – Training & spot reduction: the first studies
00:58:04 – Ad Break
00:58:09 – Recent evidence on training and spot reduction
01:32:42 – Studies not supporting spot-reduction
01:52:52 – Practical takeaways

Most of the research discussed in this episode can be found here:

The effects of whole body vibration therapy on reducing fat mass in the adult general population: A systematic review and meta-analyses

Benefit of a topical slimming cream in conjunction with dietary advice

The efficacy of topical aminophylline in local fat reduction: A systematic review

Effects of repeated use of a commercial topical lotion on subcutaneous fat thickness in resistance-trained male athletes

Prospective and Randomized Determination of the Efficacy of Topical Lipolytic Agents 

Regional fat changes induced by localized muscle endurance resistance training

Subcutaneous fat alterations resulting from an upper-body resistance training program

Spot Reduction of Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue

Changes in Waistline and Abdominal Girth and Subcutaneous Fat following Isometric Exercises

Effect of combined resistance and endurance exercise training on regional fat loss

Abdominal aerobic endurance exercise reveals spot reduction exists: A randomized controlled trial

Effects of Sit up Exercise Training on Adipose Cell Size and Adiposity

The effect of abdominal exercise on abdominal fat

Anthropometric and Densitometric Responses of Women to Specific and General Exercise

Effect of abdominal resistance exercise on abdominal subcutaneous fat of obese women: a randomized controlled trial using ultrasound imaging assessments

Thickness of Subcutaneous Fat and Activity of Underlying Muscles

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