Q&A: Muscle size and strength, advice for minimalistic workout routines, and training to failure

In this Q&A episode, Greg and Lyndsey answer listener questions about how close you should be to your macro targets, the relationship between muscle size and muscle strength, advice for minimalistic workout routines, training to failure, and the benefits of CrossFit.

Intro (0:00)

Fat bear week champion reveal (0:23)

Recommended products and more from the SBS team (3:51)

 How close do you need to be to your macro targets? (11:15)

 Do some people simply have muscles that are stronger per unit of size? And is that genetic, or trainable? (22:00)

Advice for minimalistic workout routines (37:03)

Thoughts on training to failure (both hypertrophy and fatigue) (57:16)

Will CrossFit training help me continue to get stronger and improve endurance? (1:26:48)

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