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Monthly Applications in Strength Sport (MASS) research review

with Eric Helms and Mike Zourdos

MASS is a monthly research review specifically for strength and physique athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts. On the first of every month, MASS subscribers get an 80-page PDF containing 9 in-depth, understandable reviews of the research most applicable to them (7 written reviews, 2 video reviews). You’ll also receive:

  • Free access to MASS CEUs.
  • Mobile-friendly versions of every article.
  • Access to an online membership site with additional resources.
  • Monthly audio roundtables with Greg, Eric Helms, and Mike Zourdos discussing the studies covered in that month’s issue.
  • Access to a private MASS Facebook group.

Learn more and subscribe to MASS here. 


The Art and Science of Lifting ebook bundle: Two ebooks, with 200+ pages and 50+ infographics. The Art of Lifting is foundational, breaking things down by “Stuff That Matters” and “Stuff That Doesn’t Matter” – the factors that are MOST important for progress, and those that aren’t worth your time. The Science of Lifting dives deeper, teaching you the methods we use to make coaching, nutrition, and training decisions for us and our clients. This will take at least five years off your learning curve, and teach you to think about training like an expert. Are you ready to take control of your training? Learn more. 



Years of research and experience condensed in an easily digestible format to help you bust through plateaus and make long-term progress.

Get the 6-Seminar package: How to Squat, How to Bench, How to Deadlift, Work Capacity, Programming for Hypertrophy, and Programming for Strength. Learn more. 

Get The Big 3 seminars: How to Squat, How to Bench, and How to Deadlift. Learn more.

Get just the How to Squat seminar: You’ll receive access to the How to Squat seminar, plus the accompanying How to Squat study guide. Learn more. 

Get just the How to Bench seminar: You’ll receive access to the How to Bench seminar, plus the accompanying How to Bench study guide. Learn more. 

Get just the How to Deadlift seminar: You’ll receive access to the How to Deadlift seminar, plus the accompanying How to Deadlift study guide. Learn more.

Programs and Other Tools

Program Bundle. ​The Stronger By Science program bundle contains six full 21-week programs designed to adapt to your schedule, your preferences, and your rate of progress.

Learn more and buy the 6-program bundle here.


The Bulgarian Bundle: Designed to upgrade and dial in a Bulgarian-style of training, this bundle includes 3 tools to crush any of your Bulgarian Method concerns.

  • The Slavic Swole integrates the strength core of the Bulgarian Method with an aesthetics focus, giving you a way to squat every day AND build a great physique.
  • The Bulgarian Tracker allows for auto regulation on the Bulgarian Method, giving you a way to pinpoint trends in your training and make data-driven adjustments.
  • Simplified Strength offers guidance and plans for those who want a more detail-oriented Bulgarian program.

Learn more.

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