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Get concise and applicable breakdowns of the latest strength, physique, and nutrition research – delivered monthly.

You’re interested in learning and applying the latest training and nutrition research.
We make that easy.

You want to know what the research says and how to apply cutting-edge findings to your training and/or your clients’ training.

You know that keeping up with the latest science is crucial to being the best athlete or coach you can be.

Even if you just lift for fun, you want to be sure you're getting the most out of your time in the gym.

Keeping up with the 1,000+ new studies published per month is crucial, but quite challenging.

Now, keeping up with the research sounds good in theory, but it's a huge task in practice.

Going through the studies each month is extremely time-consuming (~80 hours/month, we’d estimate). Spending time figuring out how to apply them all is difficult. Having access to all the different journals is expensive. Interpreting research and figuring out which studies are trustworthy and applicable to you is frustrating. (And that's just the new stuff – there's at least 40-50 years of older research you need to be at least reasonably well-acquainted with as well.)

You want the benefits of knowing the latest science-backed training and nutrition advice, but don’t have the time, energy, and money to sift through the journals, pick out which studies are applicable, analyze their design for trustworthiness, critically read them, and figure out how they apply to you training or your client’s training.

We make it easy and enjoyable to stay on top of the research that matters to you.

We do the hard work for you.

We break down the latest research in plain English, so you can apply it to your training and nutrition ASAP.

You can be an expert in strength and physique sport without wasting any more time, energy, or money sifting through studies.

We’ve got the shortcut:

Monthly Applications in Strength Sport (MASS), a research review by Greg Nuckols, Dr. Eric Trexler, Dr. Eric Helms, and Dr. Mike Zourdos.

MASS does all the legwork for you and distills the studies that are the most useful and relevant for you each month.

Stay on top of the research with MASS

MASS is a monthly research digest that helps people like you bring your A-Game.

Get reliable interpretations and easily digest the most important research.

People who depend on headlines, shallow articles, and bro advice will be left in the dust. MASS is meticulously researched and curated by four experts. The result is a review full of the highest-quality, most relevant content, with none of the false hype or ill-advised fads.

Be confident that you’re up to speed.

Whether you’re planning your own training and nutrition, coaching a client, conducting an interview, or creating online content, you can be confident that you're up to date with the information at the cutting edge of our community.

Unlock the best results and most relevant research for you and your clients.

An athlete or coach who knows and truly understands the research has a huge advantage over their competitors. MASS focuses solely on strength and physique athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts. This means that every month, we’ll review only the research that’s the most relevant for you and your results.

Provide your audience with evidence-based information and recommendations.

Plenty of MASS subscribers are content creators focusing on disseminating scientific research to their audiences. We make their jobs much easier by highlighting the most important research, putting it in context, and recommending the main applications and takeaways from each topic.

Skim the key points and our main recommendations in minutes, or dive deep into our full analysis.

You’re in control. Each article begins with a bulleted list of key points and ends with a list of applications and takeaways, giving you the need-to-know points in bite-sized chunks. Both aim to tell you exactly what the newest research means for your training or nutrition so you can start applying the latest science right away. Want to know all the nuance of a particular topic? Dive into the full article for our complete analysis.

Understand how recent research fits into the broader literature.

An essential part of interpreting research is figuring out how new findings fit into the understanding of an entire body of scientific literature on the topic. As the scientific community learns new things and discards old practices, we’ll help you stay abreast so you can grow and evolve without chasing your tail with every new fad or staying stuck in your ways and being bound to tradition.

Learn in whatever style suits you.

We have written, audio, and video content, plus tons of infographics in each issue.

Escape the confusing jargon of scientific literature with our concise, easy-to-understand writing.

We’ll tell you what you need to know while cutting out most of the jargon, acronyms, and confusing language so often found in studies. With precise and pithy writing, interpreting research is simple and accessible to all.

Nerd out, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

As an added benefit, our interpretation will aid your ability to dissect additional research which you choose to examine on your own. By reading our monthly reviews, your critical thinking and ability to decipher research will be enhanced to further benefit your capability to improve your training.

MASS is trusted by
the top names in the industry...

MASS provides an incredibly valuable shortcut to high-quality literature and its practical application. MASS ensures that every month my knowledge base is completely up to date so that whether I am coaching a client, conducting an interview or creating online content, I'm confident that I'm up to speed with what is at the cutting edge of our community.

Jeff Nippard
Jeff Nippard WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder | IPF Raw Powerlifter

The level of information is astounding, the topics covered are perfect, the interpretations of the research are applicable, and the writing is the perfect combination of articulate and understandable. ... If you want your training, nutrition and coaching to all be based on the latest reliable science, then now you can do so by have the MASS team do all the work for you!

Danny Lennon
Danny Lennon MSc. Nutrition Science. Founder & Head of Content Production at Sigma Nutrition

Keeping up with research that is relevant to a professional powerlifting coach is a huge task. And if you're a coach, you likely don't have the time (or let's be honest the skillset) to do all of this yourself. MASS is not just interesting to me as a fan of iron sports training. It helps me to be a better coach than I'd otherwise be.

Mike Tuchscherer
Mike Tuchscherer World Champion powerlifter, founder of Reactive Training Systems

Every issue is packed full of interesting, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-apply information and insights on a variety of topics that are particularly relevant to us intermediate and advanced weightlifters. The bottom line is my programming and training are more productive thanks to MASS, and yours will be too.

Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews Fitness author and founder of MuscleForLife.com

MASS is one of the best resources for fitness enthusiasts as well as professionals for reliable, science-based information in easy-to-understand summaries. MASS does the heavy lifting, making it easy for coaches and athletes to reference the information to influence the greater good of the fitness community.

Katie Anne Rutherford
Katie Anne Rutherford Natural Figure Pro Elite 72kg Powerlifter

MASS untangles the lines of communications between science and the perfectionist practitioner. A must have tool for anyone looking to keep up an always evolving industry.

Alberto Nuñez
Alberto Nuñez Team 3D Muscle Journey Coach, Lifetime Drug-Free Bodybuilder

MASS is exactly what any serious personal trainer or coach needs, an efficient way of giving practical takeaways from scientific knowledge! We use it to educate our audience, and we can't even begin to explain how amazing content you'll find on there. That's why we choose to endorse it on our Instagram. Because it stands for what EBT stands for: SCIENCE over broscience!

Artin Entezarjou
Artin Entezarjou M.D., PhD candidate, Co-founder of EBT (Evidence Based Training)

Being in the trenches as a full time powerlifting/physique coach and facility owner, staying up to date with the current research can be arduous and time consuming. MASS has been a life saver and changed the game for my practice. Not only does each monthly research review keep me in the loop with the latest findings relevant to strength training, nutrition and physique, but the content is jam packed with high quality, easy to digest, practical information that my team of coaches and I are able to apply immediately with our athletes and clients. If continued education, learning and being an industry leader is a priority, then becoming MASS member is a no brainer!

Jacob Schepis
Jacob Schepis Director of JPS, Physique & Bodybuilding Coach

"Will I get access to the entire archive of
50+ issues when I subscribe?"

Yes! All subscribers automatically unlock the full MASS archive (400+ articles and videos).

In addition to getting a new issue of MASS every month for the lifetime of your subscription, you also will instantly be granted access to our entire archive of more than 4,000 pages of content. That’s approximately 400 articles and videos, 300 audio episodes, and 80 hours of video.

Honestly, the value is pretty insane.

Our MASS archive is going to be a treasure trove for you if you’re looking for up-to-date, evidence-based advice or commentary on programming, nutrition, supplements, recovery, sports psychology, biomechanics, muscle physiology, and more.

And with an easily searchable, meticulously categorized member website, finding articles and videos on the topics you’re interested in will be a breeze.

One subscriber named Luis said MASS has become the “library of evidence-based research” for his consulting and coaching business.

MASS is made by reviewers you can trust

MASS research review content is independent, unbiased, and created by some of the smartest guys in the industry.

Every month, we sift through 100+ journals and 1000+ studies to handpick the cutting-edge research that's most relevant to you, and will help you build muscle, gain strength, and get leaner.

All four of us are athletes and coaches as well, so we know how to separate the truly valuable and applicable studies from the novelties that are never going to make it out of the lab and into the gym.

Each article is peer reviewed by all other members, meaning you get more nuanced, well-rounded information.

Eric Helms

  • Ph.D. in strength and conditioning from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, M.S. in exercise science, a second Master's in sports nutrition, B.S. in fitness and wellness.

  • Regularly publishes peer-reviewed articles in exercise science and nutrition journals on physique and strength sport.

  • Coach for drug-free strength and physique competitors at all levels as a part of team 3D Muscle Journey.

  • Earned pro status as a natural bodybuilder with the PNBA in 2011 and competes in unequipped powerlifting, weightlifting, and strongman.

Greg Nuckols

  • M.A. in exercise physiology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.S. in exercise and sports science.

  • Held three all-time world records in powerlifting in the 220lb and 242lb classes.

  • Coached hundreds of athletes and written for many of the major magazines and websites in the industry.
  • Worked with and learned from record holders, champion athletes, and collegiate and professional strength and conditioning coaches through previous job as Chief Content Director for Juggernaut Training Systems and current full-time work on StrongerByScience.com.

Michael Zourdos

  • Ph.D. in exercise physiology,  M.S. in applied health physiology, and B.S. in exercise science.

  • 12 years as an active scientific researcher focusing specifically on strength athletes

  • Head powerlifting coach of FSU’s 2011 and 2012 state championship team.

  • Competes as a powerlifter in the USAPL and coaches athletes through his company Training Revolution, LLC.

Eric Trexler

  • Pro natural bodybuilder and a sports nutrition researcher.
  • PhD in Human Movement Science from UNC Chapel Hill, and has published dozens of peer-reviewed research papers on various exercise and nutrition strategies for getting bigger, stronger, and leaner.
  • Several years of University-level teaching experience, and has been involved in coaching since 2009.
  • Director of Education for Stronger By Science and host of the Stronger By Science Podcast.
Stay on top of the research with MASS

"How is MASS different
from other research reviews? "

MASS is the research review for strength and physique athletes and coaches.

Other research reviews in our area do a great job keeping you up to date with research into general health and fitness, nutrition research, and research relevant to S&C coaches that work with athletes from other sports, but no research reviews focus exclusively and specifically on people who want to gain muscle, get stronger, and improve their body composition.

If you're a powerlifter, weightlifter, strongman, CrossFitter, bodybuilder, physique competitor, or a coach for a strength or physique sport, you'll open your issue of MASS every month to see 6 articles, 5+ Research Briefs, and 2 videos that are very relevant to you, helping you get an edge on the competition. If you fall into one of those groups, MASS is perfect for you.

A few other things that make us different:

MASS is a great monthly value.

Each monthly issue of MASS is longer than those from most other research reviews (ours are normally 100+ pages). You get more content per dollar you spend.

Every article published in MASS is rigorously peer reviewed.

MASS is created by four of the smartest guys in the industry. Each article is peer reviewed by all other members, meaning you get more nuanced, well-rounded information. We also include audio conversations discussing the findings of each study we review.

MASS has a sleek, professional design.

MASS is beautifully designed and easy to read. Every issue contains around 40 infographics to help you interpret and understand each study quickly and easily.

You have the option to skim or dive deep.

We include summaries and key takeaways for each study we review, so you can easily skim everything, then dive deep into the topics that interest you.

We include six audio episodes per month.

Prefer to listen? We record short audio conversations about each article we review, so you have options for how to get the information.

Every issue of MASS includes unique video content.

Every monthly issue of MASS also contains two video presentations that aim to give you a broader, concept review of some of the most important topics in strength, physique, and nutrition research.

We’re never late.

We’ve published 50+ issues of MASS now (that's more than 4 years of content). Every single issue has been released right on schedule. On the first of every month, you’ll have MASS in your inbox – guaranteed. 

You'll get all this in every monthly issue:

Plus, access to our entire back catalog of issues.
  • A new PDF issue of MASS every month. Each issue contains at least 6 articles and 5+ "Research Brief" articles, as well as access to 2 video presentations. PDF issues are usually around 100 pages long. Each article is about 2,000 words, and each presentation is between 30 and 45 minutes.
  • Access to the entire searchable back catalog of 400+ articles and videos. You can download PDF versions, access back issues, find member-exclusive content, and view the mobile-friendly versions of each article on our exclusive member website.
  • Monthly audio roundtables with Greg Nuckols, Eric Trexler, Eric Helms, and Mike. If you enjoy podcasts, you'll love these 20-minute audio episodes. Listen in as we discuss and contextualize each article in these podcast-style audio roundtables.
  • App version of the member site and mobile-friendly access to all content. Your MASS membership is now available through an app, so you can easily access articles, videos, and audio episodes from your phone.
  • Access to our NSCA and NASM CEUs and ACSM and ACE CECs. If you're an NSCA or NASM member who needs CEUs or an ACSM or ACE member who needs CECs, MASS offers quizzes (which covers the material in issues of MASS) that you can take to earn CEUs and CECs. Taking the quizzes is completely free for subscribers. We're also working on getting CEUs with other organizations.
  • Access to our private MASS Facebook group. Have questions about any of the articles? Get them answered quickly, and join in a community of other strength enthusiasts.
  • Ability to cancel your subscription any time. If you subscribe to MASS and decide it's not for you, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time.

Each issue of MASS contains 6 articles, 5+ Research Briefs, and 2 videos.

  • In-depth, unbiased review. We'll go over the study's design and break down exactly what the findings mean, offering analysis far beyond what you'd find in just the abstracts.
  • Important takeaways for strength athletes and coaches. We all have real-world experience and have developed the bullshit detectors necessary to apply findings to the real world.
  • Explanation of how the study fits into broader scientific literature on the topic. All findings are contextualized, which makes each review more applicable and saves you the time and hassle of reading tons of background information.
  • Bulleted key points, applications, and takeaways. At the start of every review, we'll give you a few key points so you can get the big picture quickly and easily. We'll also leave you with a few simple action steps at the end of each review.
  • Tips for interpreting research on your own. Want to go even further and learn to interpret research for yourself? We'll point out best practices in study design so you can improve your critical thinking and ability to read and interpret research.
  • Saved time, energy, and money. You probably don't have 40+ free hours every month to keep up with the scientific research for yourself. Get the most relevant research for less than a dollar per day – less than your morning coffee.

Take MASS on the go with our new mobile app

Subscribers get access to a mobile app where they can read, watch, and listen to all of our MASS content right from their phones.

MASS is trusted by
the top names in the industry...

MASS is one of the best investments an intelligent lifter can make. So many people want to know what the research REALLY says but don't know who to trust to tell them the truth. MASS takes the guesswork out of it by distilling down the hardcore, cutting edge science into a palatable form that is easy for anyone to understand and implement practically into their own training.

Layne Norton
Layne Norton Ph.D in nutritional sciences. Coach. Bodybuilder. Powerlifter.

These are the smartest and most analytical gentlemen in the industry and I trust their opinions entirely. Better still, they are humble, which is something rare in our fitness industry which is full of big egos. They are not tied into any dogma, and I know I can trust them to update their opinions and advice when research comes out that justifies it.

Andy Morgan
Andy Morgan Owner of RippedBody.com, online training and nutrition coach

Monthly Applications in Strength Sport (MASS) looks to be just what the strength coach needs in this burgeoning time of increasing research specifically for barbell & strength sports. ... From hypertrophy and volume to lifting technique and nutritional concerns, nothing important to the strength athlete is left out. ... From industry-leading experts in strength sport comes this companion to the coach or inquisitive athlete—a resource to turn to again and again as you build your skills and strength.

Bryce Lewis
Bryce Lewis Drug-free elite powerlifter, coach for The Strength Athlete

The MASS Research Review is an ongoing must-read for anyone who wants to stay up to date with the latest in physique and strength sport. There will always be too much information to consume out there, so having our resources prescreened and vetted by some of the best researchers in the game is an invaluable asset for us at Team 3DMJ. Eric, Greg, and Mike have created a gold mine of recurring education here. I cannot recommend their work enough.

Andrea Valdez
Andrea Valdez Natural bodybuilding coach, 3DMJ

I hate reading research. Right behind people who don't turn right on red. When people smarter than myself are willing to hang out on PubMed, dissect things, and put them into tinier morsels of information that will not only help me stay on task with current, evidence based trends in strength & conditioning, but also save me time .... I am all for it.

Tony Gentilcore
Tony Gentilcore CSCS. TonyGentilcore.com

With MASS you can safely ignore everything else on the internet (if you choose to do so), and still be confident that you'll make gains.

Martijn Koevoets
Martijn Koevoets Owner of PowerliftingUniversity.com

MASS is one of the best investments you could make to further your education in the field. Whether you are an athlete, or a coach, or simply a fitness enthusiast that wants to keep up to date with the most current research in the physique and strength world, you will love MASS! ... This is my go to recommendation for people looking to expand their education in the field without spending hours searching through the research themselves.

Laurin Conlin
Laurin Conlin IFBB Bikini Pro, MS Exercise Science

Prior to the release of MASS, I often found research intimidating and daunting to use for my own coaching purposes. Over the last 12 months I have found an immense excitement each month when I know the next issue is coming out. Taking such complex topics like training volume, recovery, exercise selection, hormones, fat loss and providing real world studies and applications has not only helped me but helped the entire coaching industry as whole take a leap forward.

Paul Revelia
Paul Revelia Physique Coach, Owner, Pro Physique Inc.

As one who has lived and breathed bodybuilding for over 30 years there’s only a few credible resources I take seriously to improve my bodybuilding game and MASS is certainly at the top of my list. MASS never fails to deliver on high quality practical knowledge!

Jeff Alberts
Jeff Alberts Natural Pro Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder

I used to spend hours upon hours reading through scientific journals, meta-analyses, and research papers only to find that I needed to re-read it to understand how I can apply the knowledge to my content and clients. Now, I’m able to learn 100x more, 100x faster, and easily share the information I’ve picked up with my social media following and the online fitness coaches that I coach! MASS makes the evidence so easy to apply when creating your own content and working with your own clients, so it’s a double win!

Lauren Tickner
Lauren Tickner StrengthFeed.com, The Business Meets Fitness Podcast

Both real-world experience and scientific literacy are important for the best results in the gym. The first one we get by putting in the hours at the gym, trying new things, learning from mistakes, and getting better. The second factor is more difficult: reading and understanding scientific papers is tough, but it doesn’t stop there. You need to understand the methods, statistical analyses, and tools used for measurements. Knowing how and why something works (or doesn’t) allows you to improve your training, nutrition, and recovery. This is where MASS comes in. Not only are they the brightest and most down-to-earth guys in the industry, but they are also excellent at breaking down complex topics in a simple to understand format with practical takeaways

Philip Stefanov
Philip Stefanov ThinkingLifter.com

As I delve into strength programming for performance sports, I find MASS to be the main resource I use for deciphering existing methods and ways to possibly improve upon them.

Brad Loomis
Brad Loomis WNBF Pro Bodybuilder, USAPL Master Powerlifter
Stay on top of the research with MASS

Subscribers get free access
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  • NASM members can earn up 1.9 credits and max out their CEU requirements through MASS.
  • ACSM members can earn up to 60 credits and max out all of their CEC requirements through MASS.
  • ACE members can earn up to 2.0 credits and max out all of their CEC requirements through MASS.

You may be wondering...

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Absolutely. When you subscribe, we'll send you a receipt email with a link to a page where you can manage your subscription. You can unsubscribe at any time quickly and easily.

How will I be billed? 

You only need to enter your payment information once, and then we'll automatically bill you on the same date you signed up. For example, if you choose the monthly subscription and purchase on April 30, we'll bill you May 30 for your next month.

Who is this for? 

    • Competitors in any strength or physique sport
    • Coaches who work with clients in any strength or physique sport
    • Trainers whose clients are primarily interested in gaining muscle, losing fat, or getting stronger
    • Nerdy fitness enthusiasts

When will I get my issue of MASS each month? 

We'll send out a brand new issue of MASS on the first of every month via email. We'll also post the new issue in the membership website you have access to so you can easily download and read from there, too.

If I subscribe yearly or lifetime, what happens if MASS shuts down? 

Yearly and lifetime subscriptions come with a guarantee that if we ever close up shop and stop making MASS (though there are certainly no plans to do so in the future), you'll never pay more than what you otherwise would have paid for a monthly subscription.

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  • CEU and CEC access
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  • Locked-in price
  • Monthly PDF
  • Access to full archive of past issues
  • 8 audio roundtables per month
  • Private Facebook group
  • CEU and CEC access
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Customer Reviews

You're doing fantastic, and I love the summaries. I have progressively less time to dedicate to the field, and I need the best bang for the buck. With MASS I can be assured that I'm not missing anything while having top-notch content every time.


MASS is a super high quality research review and essential for keeping current on the science of resistance training without having to do the work of sifting through research papers and deciding what holds merit. It reads like a cutting edge textbook that never overextends to the trendy fad territory of exercise. The audio portions are really great too for those who need to multitask. I can tell it's a labor of love and you guys deserve every bit of support the community provides, for you prop us all up with your work.


I've been immersed in the scientific bodybuilding & powerlifting community for years & have been extensively self-educated by listening to the right people & finding out who all the other 'right people' are through them... so there isn't much information I'm willing to actually pay for at this point, but this is some that I am! As an aspiring researcher in this area myself, I am happy to invest in these regular rundowns from some of the figures I respect most & hope to call colleagues one day. The audios are my favorite perk, since being a full-time student & part-time worker doesn't leave as much time for actually reading articles as I would like.


I absolutely love MASS. Not only do they draw attention to some of the key research in the industry, they interpret it in a way that is both helpful, yet considerate of so many other factors. You won’t get black and white answers from reading MASS. But science isn’t always black and white. They offer recommendations but continue to review and question the research which encourages the readers to do the same.

They are making the lifting community more critical thinkers while keeping them abreast of the latest information out there.

Plus, they provide written, video and audio content too which can suit everyone’s learning style, which for someone who perhaps doesn’t have time to read the full articles, is extremely useful.


As a certified personal trainer and orthopedic fitness specialist, it’s imperative that I stay up to date on the latest health research and fitness trends. I enjoy reading articles from MASS. They are very informative & beneficial- not just to me, but also eye openers I can use to relay to my clients. Thank you!


We all want to say we're "evidence-based," but it's rare to have the time (or the abilities) to stay up to date on the vast amount of research being done in the field of strength and physique sports.  Fortunately, there's a service that does that for us: MASS.  Each month, Greg, Mike, and Eric put out material that is thoughtful, insightful, and easy to digest.  The "A" in MASS stands for "applications," and the content lives up to the name; every single article has practical takeaways from the study being discussed so you have an easy-to-reference guide on how to apply the research to yourself and your clients.

Furthermore, when you subscribe, you are supporting a group of people who genuinely care about the education of trainers and athletes, as evidenced by their active participation in the private MASS Facebook group.  I have reached out to more than one of the authors to follow-up and/or clarify points in their writing so that I can use their ideas in the context of my own work, and every time, I have been blown away by the generosity they display with their time and expertise.  This is a good group of people who really go the "extra mile" for their clientele.

If you're on the fence about subscribing to MASS, I get it: there are countless "educational opportunities" being marketed to trainers, and it can feel like everyone wants to take your money.  This one, however, is one of the few that are truly worth the investment.  Sign up for MASS and be a better, more thoughtful trainer (or athlete) for it.


As a trainer and coach, I honestly can’t look past this as the number 1 resource for staying up to date with the current research, topics and trends. The info is provided in formats that cater to all learning styles. From the written articles, through to the round tables and video lectures, MASS is a resource every coach should be subscribing to.


As an owner of a consulting and coaching venture where we coach +400 clients a month, I can surely tell you that your resources are on our basic “library” of evidence based research.

We use your information to continually improve and review our protocols and thus, deliver the best results to our clients.


My last 6 months lifting have been my most productive ever, and MASS has played a huge role in that.


Strength and Conditioning is an interesting field because personal experience and academic research need to be used together to develop the best methods. MASS provides an invaluable resource; it is rare to find experts with tens of thousands of hours of practical experience (coaching and their own training) AND the academic background to evaluate the latest research. The practical recommendations that come out of that combination can help the beginner and the expert. If you want to elevate the level of your coaching or training you would be doing yourself a disservice by ignoring MASS.


At 56 years of age and raised on the bro science mantra of “No Pain No Gain” which included rupturing both bicep tendons (a year apart) and a torn rotator cuff I decided I needed a smarter approach. I’ve since listened to every single 3DMJ podcast twice, read both of Eric’s pyramid books and joined MASS a couple of months ago and have since devoured everything in every issue and eagerly await the next issue. Now at 59, I’m 13 weeks away from my first contest, OCB Classic Physique in the Masters 40 class but far more important, I feel like I’m 40 and ready for the 2nd half of my life! MASS is the icing on the cake!


As someone who has been geeking out about training & nutrition science for years & now pursuing a career path in doing what you guys do myself, MASS is one of the extremely rare things I'm more than happy to spend money on because it provides me an unprecedented condensed source of exactly the content I want to bite into from some of the people I regard most highly & hope to call colleagues in the future.


Doing extraordinary things for people like me who are still in uni. Helps keep up to date, especially since unis often teach relics.. oh and it's easy to digest.


I’m very happy and I love the audios became I don’t always have time to sit down and read a really digest everything. I love how the articles are categorized too


MASS put me on a whole new level of knowledge. I’m just a software engineer sitting down 8hrs a day on a chair, decided to take action and be active, I became a fitness enthousiaste, now I’m a health obsessed 🤷🏻‍♂️ training smart, and having real strength and fitness goals. That’s what MASS have done for me. Started my fitness journey 2 years a go at the age of 31. I needed this kind of knowledge to make up for the time lost ... and by the way guys having MASS shouted out by Stan Efferding... is just mind blowing! Mark BELL ... i mean the work you do is priceless ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart 


The biggest source of utility from mass to me has been the video series and whenever in the study reviews, the relevance to a bigger picture is drawn.

The video series however have been very helpful and almost worth the sub alone. Definitely keep, or even expand, that feature!


I love MASS, honestly just gives me the new research in the field and I love the summaries, because when i’m pressed for time I can just read the summary and understand the findings of the research


I am fairly new to the MASS world, but I will share my experience so far.

In terms of format, I appreciate the use of articles in conjunction with the audio roundtables. This is my first research review subscription so I'm not sure if others do this as well. I particularly like how the article and discussion complement each other as opposed to just being the exact same content in different formats. The videos are great additional resources due to their comprehensive nature.

One of the coolest things about MASS was the article on interpreting research. That showed a commitment to connecting people to what the research means which I would hope leads to the audience being more cautious about jumping to conclusions. It seems as if MASS is meant for us to not just be mindless consumers of content but to be an actively engaged community.

Lastly, I would say that I am so happy to finally have the one right answer to every topic on training and nutrition...just kidding! This team does a particularly outstanding job of taking research in context of all the other research that has been done on any given topic as well as presenting their anecdotal experiences with that topic. There is considerable time spent talking about both what an individual study means and the bigger picture of how it fits with other research or experiences. In addition, the team always rounds out the conversation by talking about what it means for athletes and/or coaches. These practical takeaways are ALWAYS presented in a non-binary way which shows the team's commitment to understanding.

Thank you for taking the time to produce the content in this way.


MASS is the best monthly installment coming out of my account by far! Thanks guys!

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