Fireside Chat 12: Look-Alikes, Pivotal Moments, and Trolley Problems

Greg and Eric discuss celebrity look-alikes, facial hair, student loan forgiveness, pivotal life moments, least favorite jobs, music, movies, trolley problems, the Road to Enlightenment, and a bunch of other miscellaneous topics.

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Time stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Update/clarification: Eric’s disinterest in gadgets, and even basic technologies (3:02)

Celebrity look-alikes (7:44)

What are the different facial hair styles you’ve tried? What was the most ridiculous? (15:09)

Thoughts on student loan forgiveness? (20:35)

What is the biggest “what if” moment in your lives? What small event completely could have changed the trajectory of your life unknowingly? (28:34)

What is the worst job you’ve ever had? What made it the worst? (35:45)

Any “under the radar” music that you’re listening to? (46:23)

What are your favorite 5 movies of all time? (49:57)

You are being sent back to Florence, Italy in the year 1000 CE. You can bring one item with you, as long as it fits in a backpack. Your mission is to accelerate human civilization. What do you bring? (57:03)

Trolley Problems (1:00:52)

When and why did Eric’s Road to Enlightenment begin? (1:25:05)

Video version

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