Protein Digestion Speed, Bone Density, Push-Pull Ratios

In today’s episode, Eric discusses the ins and outs of protein digestion speed, and why you probably don’t have to worry about consuming “fast proteins” post-workout and “slow proteins” pre-bed. After that, Greg and Eric field a number of questions from listeners, covering a range of topics including the relationship between exercise variety and hypertrophy, how to train for greater bone density, what acute protein synthesis studies can (or can’t) tell us about eating to maximize hypertrophy, and whether or not you need to balance “pushing” and “pulling” volume to keep your shoulders healthy and pain-free. To close out the show, Eric confidently recommends a travel destination he’s never been to.


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Time Stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Research Roundup: Protein digestion speed (1:35)

Q&A (28:42)

If overall volume and intensity are equated, is doing 5 different exercises for a particular muscle group more effective (for hypertrophy) than doing a single exercise for that muscle group? (29:30)

Why does the Stronger By Science Community Facebook group only have 4,400 members, while Jim Stoppani’s Facebook group has almost 120,000? (32:20)

How should you train to maximize bone density? (38:05)

What’s a training or nutrition strategy from the past that you’d like to see come back into style? (47:17)

Are short-term measures of muscle protein synthesis predictive of longitudinal muscle hypertrophy? As long as total protein and calorie intake are matched, is there a significant difference between eating two meals per day versus eating every 3-4 hours? (57:27)

Do you really need to balance your “pushing” and “pulling” volume to keep your shoulders healthy and pain-free? (1:01:24)

To Play Us Out: Travel recommendation – Rottnest Island, Australia (1:13:05)

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