Confidently control your nutrition with MacroFactor. 

With custom macro programs, dynamic weekly adjustments to keep you on track, and features that make food logging easy and accurate, MacroFactor gives you all the tools you need to reach your diet goals. 

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Accurate food database and advanced logging features

Quickly and easily log what you eat with our large and accurate RD-verified food database and advanced logging features. 

Customized macro programs designed by experts

Get a smart, customizable plan designed for your goals, diet preferences, and training demands. 

Weekly adjustments that keep you on track

Get weekly plan adjustments based on logged caloric intake, weight change, and our energy expenditure calculation.  

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"The best paid diet app. MacroFactor provides exactly the functions I used to have to cobble together from three different apps."

Create a custom macro program 

Let us design a plan for you, set and adjust your own macros, or choose to take full control with Coached, Collaborative, and Manual program styles
Customize your macros based on diet preferences: Low-carb, keto, carb-focused, or balanced between fat and carbs
Set different calories and macros on training and non-training days
Set fasting days

Set goals and get weekly adjustments to keep you on track

Set goals to bulk, maintain, or cut weight
Set target weight and rate at which you’d like to gain or lose
Get dynamic weekly adjustments to your plan based on actual logged caloric intake, weight change, and our energy expenditure calculation

Easily track your food with our verified database 

Largest RD-verified food database
Barcode scanner
Copy/paste foods, meals, and entire days
Custom foods and recipes that are easy to create and edit
Smart history that remembers what you eat and when
“AI describe” that allows you to log via your voice or plain text 
Timeline-style food log that doesn’t lock you in to a certain number of meals or snacks
Metric and imperial options

Track both macronutrients and micronutrients

Your custom macro plan includes protein, fat, and carbohydrate targets. You can also view detailed breakdowns of the types of protein, carbs, and fat you're consuming (i.e., leucine, fiber, omegas-3s, etc.)
Track micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) for common foods
Track alcohol, caffeine, water, cholesterol, choline, and much more

Beautiful, flexible, and made with you in mind

Unique insights and data visualization for weight trends, energy expenditure, habits, and more
Extensive Knowledge Base website for learning more about nutrition and MacroFactor's unique features and functionality 
Data privacy and protection
Export your data any time
Light and dark modes
Period tracking
Integrations with FitBit, Google Fit, and Apple Health that unlock integrations with dozens of other health apps


We don’t expect people to eat like robots, and we don’t shame people for the choices they make.

Our philosophy is simple: we want to help you reach your goals, while taking as much stress as possible out of food logging. In a lot of insidious little ways, other food loggers seem to be designed to cause stress and encourage neurotic behaviors. 

We’ve designed MacroFactor, top-to-bottom, to break that mold.

Calculations and adjustments are based on what you actually did, not what you were supposed to do. 

We’ll make appropriate adjustments to your calorie and macro targets based on what you log, regardless of how close you came to hitting your targets.

Our algorithms don’t function any worse if you deviate from your targets. 

You don’t have to eat like a robot and perfectly adhere to your daily or weekly targets for us to make appropriate adjustments to your weekly calorie and macro targets over time. We believe that you shouldn’t have to work for your nutrition app; we believe your nutrition app should work for you. 

No warnings, red numbers, or shaming when you go over your calorie or macro targets.

Expecting people to hit a particular target on the head every day is wildly unrealistic and completely unnecessary. 

We don’t use warnings or red numbers to indicate you're doing something “bad,” because we believe what you want to do is your own business, and it’s not our job to judge you for it. 

Our core philosophy: 

MacroFactor aims to empower you with the recommendations and tools you need to reach your goals without stress, shaming, or unnecessary rigidity. 

How does MacroFactor stack up to other apps on features and price?

MacroFactor was built by two sports nutrition and physiology experts and two machine learning and software experts. 

The result is an app that’s smarter than any other. 



MyFitnessPal (Premium)

Cronometer (Premium)


RP Diet

Food log to keep track of what you eat and drink

Large RD-verified food database

Custom designed macro program based on your preferences and goals

Dynamic weekly adjustments to your plan based on actual logged caloric intake and weight change

Barcode scanner

Powerful clipboard-based utility for copying and pasting foods, meals, and entire days

Full micronutrient reporting

Custom foods and recipes

Timeline-style food log that doesn’t limit you to a discrete number of meals or snacks

Smart history that remembers what you eat and when

“AI describe” that allows you to log via your voice or plain text

Sophisticated weight trending

Dynamic and science-driven expenditure calculation

Customizable actions menu and robust dashboard analytics for energy expenditure trend, weight trend, logging habits, and more.

Convenient integrations (including ability to "bring your own food logger")

Price comparison


Monthly: $11.99
Yearly: $71.99

MyFitnessPal (Premium)

Monthly: $19.99
Yearly: $79.99

Cronometer (Premium)

Monthly: $6.99
Yearly: $39.99


Monthly: $9.99
Yearly: $79.99

RP Diet

Monthly: $14.99
Yearly: $149.99


What people are saying about MacroFactor


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Google Play

"It has been such a gamechanger for making everything about macro tracking much more straightforward. It has taken the stress off of trying to hit my macros perfectly for the sake of the weekly average and allowed me to feel able to live my life while still working towards my goals! I no longer feel discouraged or off track because the app takes all of my information into account, instead of only whether I hit my macros perfectly or not. I can not recommend MacroFactor enough!"


MacroFactor user

"With other nutrition apps, I had to do so much of the work myself – estimating my caloric needs, adjusting targets through trial and error, readjusting as my weight and activity levels changed, setting custom macro goals… MacroFactor’s automated coaching eliminates the guesswork and keeps me on the right track. Better results and less work – what’s not to like?"


MacroFactor user

"MacroFactor was truly designed with a goal-driven person in mind. Aside from its database of foods and the simple, time-based food logger, it also gives you feedback on your tracking habits, a trend-based view of your true body weight, and an estimation of your daily caloric expenditure – all of which update dynamically based on your inputs, and all of which I found extremely helpful as I continued my weight cutting journey. 

I felt armed with information and sensible guidance as I used MacroFactor, and it helped keep me organized with all of my nutrition-related data in one place. I very much recommend it to fitness enthusiasts who are serious about making progress!"


MacroFactor user

"The app is far better than any nutrition tracker I have used in the past. From the timeline based (not traditional meal based) food log, to the fast and comprehensive barcode scanner, to the trend weight tracker, to the energy expenditure calculations that get more accurate the more you use the app, MacroFactor is truly something special. I compete in powerlifting and am really excited to keep using this app to guide my nutrition through each phase of training. "


MacroFactor user

"The MacroFactor app and its coached nutrition programming are a fantastic introduction to the fitness AI space. The dashboard provides a clear, intuitive user experience and the easy integrations with existing fitness trackers make data input seamless and put a wealth of data at your fingertips. It really takes the stress out of managing an effective nutrition protocol."


MacroFactor user

"I’ve been using MacroFactor for a month now and I’ve never felt less neurotic about my nutrition or scale numbers. In general, I try to make out a weekday meal plan for myself and simply eat mindfully over the weekend. While I would prefer to not track nutrition (one less thing to worry about), the level of precision I feel that I get with MacroFactor is empowering. I’m currently doing a lean bulk and despite the sharp peaks and valleys that the scale has shown, MacroFactor’s weight trend function puts my mind at ease letting me know that I’m making the steady progress I’m hoping for."


MacroFactor user

"Tracking food is a pain. The huge number of variables makes it complicated but somehow MacroFactor has found a way to make the onboarding and use obvious and intuitive. This is super impressive."


Founder: Personal Trainer Development Center (

"I’ve used just about every major diet tracking app, and MacroFactor is by far the most intelligent and robust tool of its kind. The dynamic weekly adjustments is like having my own personal nutrition coach in my pocket. It totally took the guess work out of trying to figure out how I needed to modify my diet to meet my goals."


MacroFactor user

"MacroFactor plays into two of my favorite things: data and goals. The app is formula driven and allows you to rely on its intelligence with the coaching route or manually set up your plan. While it monitors and displays daily numbers (weight, calories, expenditure), it emphasizes trends and an accumulation of data points on the map. 

Macronutrient breakdowns are easy to view within each meal or over a period of time, with each target prominently displayed on the dashboard and food log to show you where you stand throughout the day. Not to mention the app is visually pleasing and intuitive to use – hello, color schemes, sleek graphs and shortcuts! 

As a sports dietetics student, I can confidently say this app will be a staple for me both personally and professionally."


MacroFactor user

"Modern UI, intuitive controls, accurate nutrition information and relevant feedback has made MacroFactor my go-to companion for logging, tracking, and updating my nutrition needs. 

It displays macro-nutrients as well as calories on the main dashboard without needing to jump through hoops for important information. 

It interfaces seamlessly with my Google Fit weight data and creates graphs and predictions based on my current trends and allows me to adjust my program and goals with ease. 

If you meal prep, MacroFactor will save an unbelievable amount of time with the ability to create custom recipes and easily copy meals from one day to the next.

Constant updates and improvements from the development team ensure this app has everything people need without all the clutter. The MacroFactor team has gone above and beyond to create a tool that is both useful and easy to use every day."


MacroFactor user

Here's how it works:

Answer a few questions about your lifestyle, goals, food preferences, and training demands. 

MacroFactor will design a customized program for you. 

Take a few minutes per day to log your weight and the foods you eat. 

MacroFactor dynamically calculates your energy expenditure and makes adjustments to your calorie and macro recommendation each week based on how your body is responding. 

Pricing Options

Subscription plans for after your free trial



Your account will be charged on a monthly basis. 



Your account will be charged yearly for $71.99. 


Every 6 months

Your account will be charged every 6 months for $47.99. 

Frequently asked questions:

I live outside the US. Will I be able to log foods from my country?

MacroFactor's database covers most staple foods (fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, dairy products) and has excellent barcode support in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Countries outside of those may see fewer localized options, but users can still log from the huge library of common foods, add custom foods and recipes for local foods, and integrate with MyFitnessPal via the free Fitbit app. We are also taking steps to improve branded product and barcode support for everyone. 

Is there a free version? 

No, there won't be a free version – for a few reasons. MacroFactor will be ad-free and focused on making the user experience as seamless and user-friendly as possible. Stronger By Science also partnered with the app developers (instead of just hiring them as contractors and then sending them on their way once we launch). That means the app will be continually improving and updated all the time, but it also means the app needs to make money to make it worth all the time and effort from the developers. 

MacroFactor’s prices are set at a competitive rate, though, and you have the option to choose from three subscription options to find the one that works best for you. 

We do also offer a free trial, so you can try it out before being charged. 

Does MacroFactor integrate with smart watches and activity trackers?

Currently, we don't pull data from smart watches or activity trackers for one simple reason: they don't seem to do a particularly good job of estimating energy expenditure.

Instead, we look at trended weight changes and compare those changes to calorie intake in order to back-calculate energy expenditure. We have some ideas about how we may be able to use activity data to further tweak and fine-tune our energy expenditure estimations at the margins, so we do plan on allowing users to integrate with activity trackers eventually (so we can empirically test those ideas). But for now, data from activity trackers wouldn't affect the core functionality of the app: weight and nutrition data give us all the information we need to generate and adjust macro programs.

Can I use MacroFactor on my desktop/computer?

Not right now, but that's something we're planning on adding in the future. 

Can I upload historical food logs from another app?

Yes! Through our integrations with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit, MacroFactor supports historical import of the last 30 days of data. This is more than enough to kickstart our analytics, and give you highly optimized recommendations on day one.

Can I use MacroFactor with my coaching clients or see my client’s food logs and progress? 

We don’t currently have a built-in coaching portal to allow you to see and manage your clients’ nutrition programs in-app. However, we make it easy for users to take screenshots of their nutrition information for the past week, and more importantly, we make it easy for users to export their daily weight, calorie intake, and macronutrient intake data to a spreadsheet, which they could send to a coach. MacroFactor also allows users to set custom macro targets day-to-day, which will make it simple for your clients to adjust their daily targets to match your recommendations. MacroFactor also supplies information that other apps don’t, including sophisticated weight trending and updating estimations of daily energy expenditure, which might help you make better diet adjustments for your clients. In short, we’re not going to pretend that MacroFactor is a game changer for nutrition coaches, but, relative to other nutrition apps, it should reduce a bit of friction to make your life (and your clients’ lives) a little easier.

How is energy expenditure calculated? How do you make program adjustments?

Your estimated energy expenditure is a deterministic calculation based on your calorie intake and changes in body weight.

We start with the basic energy balance equation: Calories in - Calories out = Change in stored energy (and changes in stored energy obviously come with changes in weight over time). Since we want to estimate your energy expenditure, we need to rearrange the equation to solve for "Calories out": Calories in - Change in stored energy = Calories out.

"Calories in" is simple to calculate, since you're either logging your food in MacroFactor, or importing nutrition information from another source that's synced with this app. "Change in stored energy" is slightly tougher to estimate, since we're ultimately working with weight data. However, we can use information about your rate of weight change and the caloric content of fat tissue versus lean tissue to estimate the change in stored energy associated with your changes in weight (fat has a greater energy density than lean mass; at slower rates of weight loss or faster rates of weight gain, we anticipate that a larger proportion of the weight you gained or lost came from fat mass). From there, it's simply a matter of solving the equation.

For example, if we estimate that you've been in an energy surplus of 200 Calories per day based on the rate at which your weight has been changing, and we can see that you've been eating approximately 3000 Calories per day, we can calculate that your daily energy expenditure is approximately 3000 - 200 = 2800 Calories.

As you continue to use MacroFactor, we'll continue monitoring your energy intake and changes in weight to update your calculated energy expenditure. If you gain or lose a substantial amount of weight, or if your activity levels change, we won't have to guess how those changes will impact your daily energy expenditure; we'll be able to measure the impact, and adjust your calorie and macro recommendations accordingly.

Since our calculation of your energy expenditure is based solely on tracked energy intake and changes in weight, that allows our calorie and macro adjustments and recommendations to be "adherence-neutral." In other words, you don't have to be a robot with perfect dietary adherence for MacroFactor to make appropriate updates to your calorie and macro recommendations, based on your goals. If you eat a little more or a little less one week than your macro program recommended, that's totally fine! Your updated calorie and macro recommendations for the next week are based on your actual energy intake and changes in weight, not how well you stuck to our recommendations. Not only does this allow our systems to be more robust to deviations from your macro program (which are totally fine; we don't expect people to be robots), but we also hope that this "adherence-neutral" system will make deviations from your macro program less psychologically stressful. Since our system doesn't require or expect perfect dietary adherence to make appropriate updates to your calorie and macro targets, that should lessen the perceived psychological cost of occasionally deviating from your recommended calorie targets.

As one final note, this calculation of energy expenditure is really at the heart of MacroFactor, and a lot of work has gone into ensuring that it's as accurate and reliable as possible, given what we know about human physiology and metabolism. We've also taken great care to make it as robust as possible to less-than-perfect tracking (the more consistently you track your weight and nutrition, the better our recommendations will be, but if you occasionally forget to log your weight or nutrition, our algorithms still do an admirable job of rolling with the punches). However, it has one Achilles heel: partial nutrition tracking. If, for example, you track your breakfast and lunch one day, but you don't put your dinner in the Food Log, we have no way of knowing that your energy intake for the day is incorrect, and your estimated daily energy expenditure (and future calorie recommendations) will decrease accordingly. However, as long as you avoid partial nutrition tracking, we should be able to accurately and reliably estimate your energy expenditure, and therefore recommend and appropriately adjust calorie and macro targets for you based on your goals.

Reach your diet goals with MacroFactor

Confidently control your nutrition and reach your diet goals with the MacroFactor app.  

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