Constrained Energy, Modeling Hypertrophy, and Effects of Aging on Performance

Today’s show features a research review segment in which Eric covers a couple papers that made headlines: one reported that we offset some of the calories burned during exercise by saving energy elsewhere, and another reported that hot dogs can shorten our lives by about 36 minutes. After that, Greg discusses a new paper about modeling muscle growth that also generated plenty of headlines, along with an important update about the performance effects of caffeine for women. This episode also features a Coach’s Corner segment about setting calorie targets for a wide range of diet goals, and a Q&A segment addressing topics including the effects of aging on performance, the long-term health ramifications of bulking and cutting, the effect of pre-bed meals on sleep quality, and more.


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Time Stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00).

Road to the Stage / Road to Enlightenment (2:39).

Feats of Strength (7:29).

Research Review: Constrained energy model, hot dogs & lifespan (10:05).

Research Roundup: Modeling muscle growth, ankle mobility for squats, caffeine for women (31:52).

Coach’s Corner: How to set calorie targets (54:32).

Q&A: Press out rule, organic food, effects of aging on performance, long-term health ramifications of bulking and cutting, effects of pre-bed meals on sleep quality (1:02:50).

To Play Us Out: Fruit bars (1:34:17).

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