Glycogen Loading, Lower Back Pain, PowerBuilding, and Physical Culture with Ben Pollack

Greg kicks off the episode with some incredible feats of strength, followed by an enormous Research Roundup segment. Topics include glycogen depletion and loading, coffee as a pre-workout supplement, lower back pain, a phototherapy update, and more. Finally, Greg and Eric interview Ben Pollack, who tells us all about powerbuilding and the history of physical culture.

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Time Stamps

0:01:29 Feats of Strength

0:11:57 Research roundup

0:16:07 Castro et al: Comparative Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Concentrated, Hydrolyzed, and Isolated Whey Protein Supplementation on Body Composition of Physical Activity Practitioners

0:36:02 Update on Phototherapy

1:02:08 Macklin et al: A Meta-Analytical Review of Muscle Glycogen Replenishment

1:15:15 Pickering & Grgic: Is Coffee a Useful Source of Caffeine Preexercise?

1:21:55 Owen: Which specific modes of exercise training are most effective for treating low back pain? Network meta-analysis

1:30:04 To Play Us Out: Reminder about MASS Black Friday sale (Nov 25 – Dec 2)

1:31:47 Interview with Ben Pollack

1:31:58 What is your background?

1:34:28 PowerBuilding: Are you 50/50, or do you prefer one more than the other?

1:35:49 How do you generally set up a powerbuilding program? How does it change as short-term focus shifts from one sport to the other?

1:43:58 How do you feel about recent opinion papers suggesting that the change in muscle size over a training career is virtually unrelated to changes in strength?

1:48:04 Do you think most bodybuilders would benefit from adopting certain aspects of powerlifting training?

1:49:24 Do you think most powerlifters would benefit from adopting certain aspects of bodybuilding training?

1:53:19 As someone who has a foot in both communities, what are things that bodybuilders don’t understand about powerlifting?  What are things that powerlifters don’t understand about bodybuilders?

1:56:04 What is physical culture?

1:57:28 Why pursue physical culture as an academic pursuit? Why is it important?

2:00:26 What are the roots of physical culture in the West?  What are some major physical culture traditions elsewhere that people may not be aware of?

2:08:03 Why did you choose to study Jack LaLanne?

2:23:39 What is your favorite lifter (or lifting achievement) that most people have never heard about?

2:26:50 How have opinions on strength training changed over time?  How has media portrayal of strength training changed over time?

2:32:59 Where can people find you online?

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