Creatine, Genetics, and Dr. Peter Fitschen (Podcast Episode 1)

In episode 1 of the Stronger By Science Podcast, Eric and Greg explain the format of the show and set an impossibly low bar for expectations.

In episode 1 of the Stronger By Science Podcast, Eric and Greg explain the format of the show and set an impossibly low bar for expectations. Topics discussed include the link between creatine and hair loss, the interaction between creatine and caffeine, avoiding stomach discomfort when taking creatine, and how simply knowing about your genetics can influence your physiology and performance. For the interview portion, we are joined by Dr. Peter Fitschen to discuss his research on HMB supplementation, blood flow restricted training, bodybuilding, and more.

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0:00:00 Preview of today’s topics

0:01:15 Introductions

0:02:38 Format of the podcast and (low) expectations

0:10:59 Discussion on the link between creatine and hair loss

0:17:48 Summary of study linking creatine to hair loss

0:24:16 Does an increase in DHT necessarily mean more rapid hair loss? And how does this relate to anabolic steroids and hair loss?

0:26:28 Interesting theories from the hair loss literature

0:31:40 The interaction between caffeine and creatine, and gastrointestinal discomfort associated with creatine supplementation

0:38:45 How do combinations of dietary supplements work when consumed together?

0:42:55 How do your genes, and even just knowing about your genes, affect your performance and physiology?

0:49:18 Which makes a bigger difference: your actual genes, or your perception of your genetic predisposition? Is direct-to-consumer genetic testing a good idea for determining your athletic potential?

0:57:26 How strong do people get when they think they’re on steroids, but actually aren’t?

1:06:06 In the first (and final) installment of “Eric’s Seder Stories,” we discuss how gems and crystals relate to exercise science

1:16:17 Interview with Dr. Peter Fitschen begins. Peter shares his background in research and bodybuilding

1:18:52 Peter gets reprimanded for shamelessly shilling his new book

1:19:50 Peter’s research on HMB supplementation

1:26:01 Peter’s research on blood flow restricted training

1:35:20 Peter’s research on bodybuilding contest preparation

1:38:17 “Peak week” approaches for bodybuilding

1:47:55 Making weight for strength sports

1:55:04 Peter’s new book on training and nutrition for bodybuilding


Eric’s article: Not Another Boring Creatine Guide: Answers to FAQs and Lesser-Known Benefits

Greg’s article: Genetics-Based Expectations Affect Your Physiology

Peter’s book: Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook

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