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Note: The Training Toolkit contains an older version of the Average to Savage training program.

If you’re looking for Average to Savage 2.0, you can learn more and buy it here.


Dial in the details and start training smarter with 4 of my best-selling resources – the No Weak Links ebook, Average to Savage training program, the Self-Correcting Macro Plan spreadsheet, and the Training Tracker spreadsheet. 

1. Average to Savage program: A customizable training plan that prioritizes the value of hypertrophy and the importance of weight progressions.

  • A customizable training plan incorporating hypertrophy work and the importance of weight progressions based on the time scale your body can manage.
  • Accompanying guide on how to modify based on needs and experience level.
  • Glimpse into how I tailor programs for peoples’ individual needs so you can start learning how that process looks.


2. No Weak Links: A straightforward exercise guide to identifying and eliminating weaknesses.

  • Straightforward guide for identifying which muscles are lagging and holding back your performance.
  • Breaks down the movements so you’ll clearly see what’s holding you back, based on your individual sticking points or technique flaws.
  • Contains some of the most effective exercises for fixing those weaknesses so you can try them out for yourself (applying the scientific process to your training).


3. The Self-Correcting Macro Plan: A diet coach in a spreadsheet.

  • A diet coach in a spreadsheet.
  • Takes all the guesswork out of your diet.
  • Based on how quickly you’re gaining or losing weight, it makes weekly adjustments to ensure that your calorie and macro intake is always in line with your goals.


4. Training Tracker: A data-driven spreadsheet solution that allows you to apply the scientific method to your training.

  • Gives you the data you need to apply the scientific method to your own training.
  • Shows you trends in your major training variables, and tracks them against your sleep and stress so you can make more informed decisions about what facets of your training (or life outside the gym) you need to modify to maximize results.


Get all 4 for only $10

Success Stories

“I am 38 years old now, well past my physical peak but still I have been able to add 75 pounds to my squat, 60 pounds to my bench, and 70 pounds to my deadlift in my short time with the program, all while maintaining a caloric deficit and losing around 20 pounds of pure body fat. Not only does the steady progression keep me coming back to the program, but the flexible nature of the program with regards to accessories, combined with the No Weak Links guide, has allowed me to stay interested in my time in the gym and not get bored of coming in and doing the same exercises every single session. As the icing on the cake: the program only requires 4 days a week of commitment which is nice for someone who has commitments outside of the gym such as career and family.”

– Justin Zsimovan


“Previous to my experience with the Average to Savage program, I had been training for strength for about 2 years.  I had tried several different programs, and, although they had worked fairly well, I was at a bit of a plateau.  My deadlift had stalled around 425lbs, squat at 355 and, due in part to a long history of shoulder injuries, bench at 225.  During the Average to Savage program, I saw tremendous gains on my deadlift.  At the end of the program, I pulled an easy 515.  My squat saw a great increase too, as I hit a seriously difficult but definitely clean 385.  Finally, thanks in part to the tools included with the program, I was able to really focus on rehabilitating my shoulders and have never felt stronger on the bench.  I pressed 255, which felt like a monumental accomplishment for me.  In 16 weeks, this program helped me not just set new PRs, but absolutely decimate my old ones.  Thanks to the tools and knowledge provided, I am not only training better, but much smarter than ever before.”

– Owen Maley


“I added 20-30 pounds to each of my lifts. This happened completing one 16-week cycle of “Average to Savage”. I enjoyed the flexibility built in to the program and the ability to get each session done in about an hour. This program is easy to complete in an hour four days a week. With my schedule, I don’t have much time to squeeze in a workout. The first week was humbling. I was able to relax if I didn’t have a great day. I bought a larger pair of jeans because my quads wouldn’t fit into my old pair. The whole of the work proved that I was getting good results. I gave myself a rest week and began another 12-week cycle. I intend to keep cycling the 12-week program at least three or four more times. This program gets me in and out and the progress I have been looking for.”

– David Seng


“Hi, my name is Steven Meers.  Currently in the United States Air Force, happily married and father of 5.  I am 29 years old and a little less than a year ago I started training for powerlifting. …

I started following Omar Isuf and Greg Nuckols and learned a ton just from YouTube.  It goes without saying I have purchased their books “The Art of Lifting” and “The Science of Lifting” and have learned quite a bit about all the stuff that actually matters.

I also purchased their “Training Toolkit” which includes many great tools for helping you make the most of your gains, which all of us know…IS THE GOAL!  Inside this toolkit was a golden nugget.  It was a program called “Average to Savage.” …

I, for one, saw tremendous gains from the first 16-week cycle, and I am going to run it again in a month to peak for a meet.  Here are my old PR’s vs. new PR’s.

Bench:  180 lbs –> 225 lbs,

Squat:  290 lbs –> 340 lbs,

Deadlift:  310 lbs –> 360 lbs,

Overhead Press:  135 lbs –> 145 lbs.

Plain and simple, the program works, it’s calculated, and it’s smart.  I would recommend it and have recommended it to those looking to put on some size and make some serious progress on their strength!”

– Steven Meers


I have been following Average to Savage for two 12-week blocks, and have been very happy with the program. It has given me a way to make consistent progress, which had been missing for a couple of years in my training. I’m very happy with the overall structure of the program, and it helps that it is very flexible so that it can be adjusted easily without straying from the program. For hypertrophy it works as well as I have gained 5-10 pounds without any increase in body fat.

– Martin Elster


For a few year I floated around doing various ‘bodybuilding’ programs, eventually running through a few programs to help get my strength up (5×5, etc). After taking a year off from regular lifting I decided to get back into things with Average to Savage. I was hoping to get my strength close to where it was before my lifting break. The volume early on was a nice change from most strength programs, but I wasn’t sure what to expect for results. My bench is finally back above 315lbs, and I absolutely smashed my squat and deadlift all-time PRs by around 80lbs each. I’m starting my 2nd cycle through the program now and am hoping to see similar gains a second time through. All time PRs for S/B/DL were 335/320/405 After week 12: Squat: 340×8 (with 2-3 reps left in the tank) Bench: 285×4 DL: 455×2 OHP: 165×8

– Isaiah Dasen


I have been lifting weights for years following a variety of programs and approaches.  I recently completed my first 16 week cycle of the “Average to Savage” weight training program that is part of Greg and Omar’s Training Tool Kit and the results have been amazing. In that 16 weeks I became stronger, bigger, and more powerful than in my previous decade of lifting. The “Average to Savage” program literally catapulted me into a different level of weight training that I thought was beyond my 50 years of age.  Now I look forward to completing my second 16 week cycle to see how much further I can progress. I now squat 495, bench 350, and dead lift 485 after putting 20-35lbs on each lift. 

– Mark Thorne


Using the programming and macro tracker included in the Average to Savage package, I was able to cut from 270 lbs down to 245 lbs while also going from a 375 gym squat to a 441 squat in my first full meet. The program is very well laid out and easy to follow, but also allows for plenty of customization for the accessory work. 

– Brad Veres


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