Metabolic Rate, Blood Flow Restricted Training, and Turkesterone

In today’s episode, Eric gives a thorough overview of a recent study that has generated a lot of buzz about how age and biological sex relate to metabolic rate and total energy expenditure. After discussing the new findings, Eric provides several practical strategies for estimating total daily energy expenditure. In addition, Greg presents a research update summarizing some new findings in the area of blood flow restricted training. Finally, Greg and Eric discuss the research (or lack thereof) assessing the effects of Turkesterone supplementation on exercise performance and resistance training adaptations.


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Time Stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Road to the Stage/Road to Enlightenment (4:50)

Feats of Strength (8:28)

Research Review: Age, sex, and energy expenditure (20:46)

Research Roundup: Blood flow restricted training (54:05)

Coach’s Corner: Estimating total daily energy expenditure (1:07:50)

Q&A: Turkesterone supplementation (1:22:25)

To Play Us Out: Scacce ragusana (1:38:33)

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