Q&A: Fasted Training, Training Frequency, and How Much Research is Enough? (Episode 19)

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric field listener questions about fasted training, peaking for meets, recovering from a diet, training frequency, and more. To finish off the episode, Greg and Eric discuss how much evidence is needed before they consider applying a new strategy to their own training or coaching.

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As we mention in this episode, Alex Kolliari-Turner is currently recruiting participants for a study on how muscle myonuclei numbers change during and after steroid use. For 2019 data collection, October 26th, 27th, 28th are the last opportunities for current and past steroid users living within Europe to get involved. They will be doing sampling in 2020, so even if you can’t make the October dates, you should still get in touch with Alex using the following email address:


Time Stamps

0:00:49 Alex Kolliari-Turner is recruiting participants for a very important study

0:02:57 Are there benefits of fasted cardio for performance?

0:18:05 I have two powerlifting meets, separated four weeks apart. How do I train to be peaked for both of them?

0:39:28 How long it takes to metabolically recover from long-duration diets?

0:52:35 Which training approach is preferable for strength: daily undulating periodization (DUP) within blocks, or high-frequency Norwegian-style training?

1:00:47 Discussion on training frequency

1:14:14 What is your take on intuitive eating? Does our body have a built in mechanism which will increase hunger when our body registers the necessity for muscle growth?

1:28:04 What exercise would you use for mechanical tension/overload for the chest when not doing the bench press?

1:38:54 Do weighted thrusts help squats much?

1:43:47 How much evidence and research would it take for you to implement new findings into your own practice? One study with a large effect size, or multiple replicated studies?

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