Coaching Cues, Fat-Free Mass Index, Non-Responders, and Dr. Brad Dieter (Podcast Episode 10)

In this episode of the Stronger By Science Podcast, Greg shares a coaching tip on using exaggerated cues for lifting technique, then Greg and Eric discuss a ton of new studies that came out this month. Topics include fat-free mass index, dietary nitrate, caffeine, sleep, statistics, grape kool aid, and more. Eric also interviews Dr. Brad Dieter, who tells us about research on artificial sweeteners, processed foods, body fat set points, and much more.

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Time Stamps

0:00:41 The Stronger By Science Media Empire expands to SoundCloud, joining the likes of Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, and Takeshi 6ix9ine

0:01:27 Feats of strength

0:10:32 Coach’s Corner: Using over-exaggerated cues. The MASS article that was referenced. The research article it was based on.

0:22:50 Research Roundup

0:23:14 Fat-free mass index. Studies discussed: one, two.

0:34:45 Dietary nitrate. Studies discussed: one, two.

0:44:11 Caffeine. Studies discussed: one, two.

0:53:09 Statistics. Studies discussed: one, two.

1:06:00 Eric and Greg rant about effect sizes

1:15:44 Sleep. Study discussed.

1:19:47 To Play Us Out: Kool-Aid is egregiously labeled as “fruit punch”

Study: “Putting out the fire – Efficacy of common beverages in reducing oral burn from capsaicin”.

1:22:28 Interview with Dr. Brad Dieter, PhD

1:23:02 Contrary to Fake News rumors, Brad isn’t that handsome

1:24:54 Brad’s background and current projects

1:29:35 A recent paper came out stating that people who drink diet soda are more likely to have a stroke… is this actually true? Are there any legit concerns about artificial sweeteners?


1:47:57 Recently, a study was published that was designed to examine the effect of processed food on total daily calorie intake. What did it find?


1:56:13 There was recently a debate between Gary Taubes and Stephan Guyenet. To use the prompt from this debate… What is the REAL cause of obesity?

2:04:50 What is a “set point” for body fat or body weight? Can we reset it?

An article about “set point theory” by Brad

2:09:32 A discussion about metabolic adaptation to weight loss

2:19:12 Where to find/follow Brad

2:20:28 Does Brad do anything (or recommend anything) that isn’t necessarily evidence-based?

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