My bench program


Since several people expressed interest today, here’s the bench program I used for the past few weeks to hit my 20 pound PR:

Week 1

Day 1 – 75% 4×3 (four sets of 3 reps)

Day 2 – 80% 3×2

Day 3 – 70% 4×4

Day 4 – 85% 3×1

Day 5 – 65% 5×5

Week 2

Add one set to each day

Week 3

Add one rep to each set (using either week one’s number of sets or week two’s.  I used a mix and it worked fine)

Max reps or max weight on Day 4 of week 3.

Week 4

Do some pressing other than bench.  Have fun.

Week 5

Week one with a new training max

I used my bench press max to figure my percentages, but did the reps closegrip.  The closegrips worked fantastically.  My triceps felt a lot stronger through my sticking point when I maxed on bench press.

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