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HMB vs. Steroids

The HMB Controversy: Better than Steroids?

A couple recent studies have shown that HMB – a legal supplement – works better than moderate-dose steroids. Is it the next wonder-supplement or just hype?

How Much More muscle can you build on steroids?

How Much More Muscle Can You Build With Steroids?

It’s impossible to know exactly how much muscle someone can build drug-free, so we approached this problem probabilistically, using published data and a fair amount of math to see how much extra muscle steroids help you build, and to estimate the probability that someone is drug-free based on their degree of muscularity.


Steroids for Strength Sports: The Disappointing Truth

What you’re getting yourself into: ~5,600 words, 18-37 minute read time Key Points: Many people think steroids make a massive (several-fold) difference in terms of competitiveness in strength sports.  They are wrong. Other people (somehow) think that steroids don’t make much of a difference.  They are also wrong. Steroids DO help people gain muscle mass and absolute strength at a much faster rate, but the increase in muscle mass generally means you’re forced to move

Unleash Your Inner Superhero

What you’re getting yourself into: -3,200 words.  8-12 minute read time.  If you’re in a hurry, you can skip to the last section for the takeaways, but they may not make as much sense unless you actually read this one all the way through. Key points: Your beliefs influence your physiology directly, and the choices you make.  In these ways, they strongly influence your training success. These effects have been noted in almost every area

Steroids, dosage, and the placebo effect

  A MUCH more thorough treatment of this subject can be found here:  The Science of Steroids Steroids.  Just start talking about ‘roids and most people get antsy.  They have an air of danger and mystique around them.  Obviously steroids have substantial physiological effects – that’s not debateable at all.  However, you can’t chalk all the gains (especially strength gains) people get from steroids up simply to physiological causes. The main issue with steroids is

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