Q&A Extravaganza

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric answer a ton of questions from listeners. Topics include the relative impact of lifting and protein intake on muscle protein synthesis, strategies for dealing with suboptimal sleep patterns, how to handle anti-lifting advice from your doctor, nutrition strategies that may or may not reduce muscle loss during detraining, how hard you should train, studies they’d like to see completed, topics where their opinions are firmly against the common wisdom, and more.


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Time Stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

How does MPS caused by protein consumption compare to the magnitude of MPS caused by resistance training? (3:03)

Why don’t researchers start tracking sleep and including it in their analysis? (9:17)

How would you personally respond to a medical professional that tells you to stop squatting because it’s bad for your knees?  (20:03)

I have an upcoming surgery that will require 3-4 weeks without training. How should I eat to maintain my gains? How quickly can I return to lifting? (29:13)

For people with sporadic sleep issues, what are some strategies to avoid detrimental impacts on performance, recovery, and body composition? (35:18)

How hard should you train? (45:39)

You’ve already met your calorie intake target for the day, but you haven’t reached your protein target yet. Should you eat more protein and go over your calorie target? (56:56)

How do you periodize bodybuilding training? (1:10:56)

If ethics and money were no concern, what’s a study you’d love to see? (1:19:46)

How do excessively low body-fat percentages impact strength and hypertrophy gains? (1:32:03)

What are some (fitness) topics where your opinion is firmly against the common wisdom and why? (1:38:46)

How much does fasted training impair performance? How much does this actually matter for goals related to health and body composition (rather than performance goals)? (1:47:46)

Correlation doesn’t imply causation. But what does? (1:55:52)

Can breakfast cereal be categorized as a soup? (2:07:36)

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