Greg Nuckols and Eric Trexler from Stronger By Science share evidence, anecdotes, and incoherent ramblings on training, nutrition, science, and life in general.

Q&A: Carbs, Sodium, and Experimenting with Your Training (Episode 23)

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric field listener questions about carbohydrate intake, sodium intake, training to improve speed or strength-endurance, experimenting with training styles and variables to find out what works for you, the minimum necessary volume per session, and more. To finish off the episode, Greg and Eric discuss Bayesian statistics, and how to start a fitness career without a formal academic background in exercise or nutrition.

Red Meat, Deloads, and Pain with Dr. Michael Ray (Episode 22)

In this episode, Greg and Eric provide a thorough report on the Stronger By Science trip to Iceland. After feats of strength, Greg and Eric discuss a recent paper that has caused some controversy related to red meat and processed meat, followed by a practical discussion on how and why to implement deloads in your training. Finally, Greg and Eric interview Dr. Michael Ray, who tells us all about pain science, specifically in the context of lifting weights.

Reading Research, the Placebo Diet, Muscle Memory, and Alex Kolliari-Turner (Episode 20)

In this episode, college football makes its first ever appearance in the “Feats of Strength” segment. Then, Greg and Eric share some practical tips for evaluating and interpreting exercise and nutrition research, Eric shares a Read of the Week segment about the placebo effect of believing you’re on a diet, and Greg discusses training lift variations that are different than your competition lifts. Finally, Greg shares his onion jam recipe, followed by an interview with Alex Kolliari-Turner, who tells us about his exciting new research on “muscle memory” and the effects of steroid use on muscle myonuclei.

Effective Reps, Antioxidants, Optimal Training Volume, and Lauren Colenso-Semple (Episode 18)

In this episode, Eric Trexler formally announces that he is a different person than Eric Helms. Greg shares some impressive feats of strength, Eric shares a Research Review segment about how antioxidants relate to nitric oxide and hypertrophy, and Greg tells us all about his new article on the concept of “effective reps.” Greg and Eric also interview Lauren Colenso-Semple, who tells us about muscle fiber types, her recent study on training volume for resistance-trained females, and the optimal Doritos flavor.

Q&A: Dreamer Bulks, Concurrent Training, Recovery Modalities, and Valuing Research (Episode 17)

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric field listener questions about the optimal rate of weight gain while bulking, rep ranges for hypertrophy, soreness, concurrent training, recovery modalities, and more. To finish off the episode, Greg and Eric explain why research should still broadly be valued and utilized, despite the likelihood that there’s some pretty low-quality research hiding within the overall body of literature.

Changing Your Mind, Internet Arguments, Metabolic Adaptation, and Leigh Peele (Episode 16)

In this episode, Eric has some grievances to get off his chest, and Greg and Eric team up on “Feats of Strength” to highlight some impressive lifts and pay tribute to a legend. Eric has a Coach’s Corner segment about some practical aspects of metabolic adaptation during weight loss, and a new “Question of the Day” segment challenges Eric and Greg to share some ideas they’ve changed their mind about throughout their careers. Finally, Greg shares some cooking tips for making macro-friendly (but flavorful) stews, and Eric and Greg share predictions for the forthcoming college football season. Greg and Eric also interview Leigh Peele, who tells us about the early days of the evidence-based fitness movement, weight loss, and metabolic adaptation.

Q&A: Keto, Rapid Fat Loss, Deadlifts, and Faulty Movement Patterns (Episode 15)

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric field listener questions about the keto diet, rapid fat loss, carryover between squat and deadlift, corrective exercises for faulty movement patterns, and much more. To finish off the episode, Greg and Eric share some great reading materials for trainers looking to expand their training knowledge, and some tips for students hoping to excel academically.

Sleep, Response Heterogeneity, and Dr. Brandon Roberts (Episode 14)

In this episode of the Stronger By Science Podcast, Greg and Eric split the “Feats of Strength” duties, then take a deep dive into some research on how sleep affects performance and body composition. Finally, Eric takes a trip to Flavortown and shares six easy, delicious chicken recipes for the calorie counters out there. Greg and Eric also interview Dr. Brandon Roberts, who tells us about his current bodybuilding prep, why some people respond better to training than others, and why sleep is so important for lifters.

Bench Press, Intermittent Fasting, Body Composition Testing, and Dr. Grant Tinsley (Episode 12)

In this episode of the Stronger By Science Podcast, Greg shares some bench press tips, Greg and Eric discuss intermittent fasting, and Greg answers a listener’s question about mistakes to avoid when coaching beginners. Greg and Eric also interview Dr. Grant Tinsley, who tells us about some of his research on body composition, physique athletes, intermittent fasting, and determining which fruit your body is shaped like.

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