Greg Nuckols and Eric Trexler from Stronger By Science share evidence, anecdotes, and incoherent ramblings on training, nutrition, science, and life in general.

Metabolic Rate, Artificial Sweeteners, Electromyography, and Non-Failure Training (Episode 35)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Greg and Eric are back with another episode. First, Greg shares some recent Feats of Strength. Next, Greg & Eric answer some listeners’ questions about topics such as resting metabolic rate prediction equations, electromyography, vitamin D and fish oil supplementation, standing desks, and more. That’s followed by a Research Roundup segment, which covers recent research on plant-based proteins, training shy of failure, and artificial sweeteners, in addition to a critical review of “Why We Sleep.” Finally, the relationship between lifting technique and injury risk is discussed in a brief Coach’s Corner segment, and Greg shares some sous vide cooking tips to close out the episode.

Cell Swelling, Genetic Ceilings, Touch-and-Go Deadlifts, and Load-Specific Adaptations (Episode 34)

Greg and Eric are back with the second episode of Season 2, and it’s a great one. First, the guys discuss a ton of remarkable Feats of Strength from the last few weeks. Next, Greg & Eric answer some listeners’ questions about topics such as fat-free mass index, pre-workout nutrition, building strength without adding muscle, and whether or not you should use touch-and-go reps while deadlifting. That’s followed by a Research Roundup segment, which discusses some fascinating new articles about the relationship between muscle fluid volume and force, the effects of protein intake on bone health, and high-load versus low-load training. After that, Eric gives an explosive update on the drama related to the red meat/processed meat research that has caused quite a stir in the nutrition world. Finally, Greg delivers on his promise and explains how to bake the perfect loaf of sourdough bread.

Doping, Collagen, Goals, and Hyperplasia (Episode 33)

We’re back from our winter break with an excellent episode to kick off Season 2. This episode features an important update from the Game Changers cinematic universe, and some incredible feats of strength involving athletes with unbelievable longevity in a variety of physically demanding sports. Greg discusses a new documentary with some explosive allegations about doping in weightlifting, and then we get into some science-heavy segments with a Q&A and a Research Roundup. Topics include collagen supplementation, muscle hyperplasia, new caffeine research, and more. Finally, we discuss some more practical information about goal setting, programming your training during weight loss, and how to make really, really good caramel.

Year in Review, Effective Reps and Antioxidants Revisited, Behavior Change, and Mike Tuchscherer (Episode 32)

The final episode of the year begins with a brief recap of the wins and losses we experienced in 2019, and an announcement about our podcasting plans for 2020. After that, Greg shares some Feats of Strength, along with a “Hot Off the Presses” segment about recent research on the effective reps concept and antioxidant supplementation. In addition, Eric discusses some key behavior change theories to help you (or your clients) successfully modify their health-related habits and behaviors in 2020. Finally, Greg and Eric interview world champion powerlifter Mike Tuchscherer about all things powerlifting.

Fructose, Knee Sleeves, Weight Loss Variability, and James Krieger (Episode 30)

Greg kicks off the episode with an insincere but legally valid apology, followed by some impressive feats of strength. Then, Eric covers a brand new fructose study in a new segment called “Hot Off the Presses,” and Greg shares some new research related to knee sleeves. After that, Eric has a big Research Roundup segment about why some people struggle to lose weight, and Greg provides some tips to help you perfect your turkey roasting. Finally, Greg and Eric interview James Krieger about topics including the insulin hypothesis, non-exercise activity thermogenesis, why you should or shouldn’t get your body composition measured, and more.

Q&A: High Protein Diets, Hardgainers, Exercise Variety, and Bone Adaptations (Episode 29)

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric field listener questions about the use of machines versus free weights, the importance of exercise variety, why some “hardgainers” struggle to gain weight, some interesting physiological roles of bone, and much more. To finish off the episode, Greg and Eric share some advice on how aspiring students can obtain good letters of recommendation, and how to make your way into the world of research.

Protein, Fiber, Phototherapy, and Intro to Strongman with James Deffinbaugh (Episode 26)

In this episode, Greg and Eric have no idea what a new discovery about lactate means, but it seems important. Greg shares some impressive feats of strength, followed by a research roundup segment in which Eric discusses protein intake, sodium bicarbonate supplementation, dietary fiber, and more. After that, Greg gives an overview of the research pertaining to phototherapy or laser therapy, and shares some tips for baking really good bread. Finally, Greg and Eric interview pro strongman James Deffinbaugh, who tells us all about the world of strongman, including tips on how to get started if you’re interested in the sport.

Q&A: Rest Periods, Deadlifts, Bulking, and Hypertrophy for Powerlifters

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric field listener questions about how much time powerlifters should spend training for hypertrophy, how frequently to bulk, optimal rest periods for strength and hypertrophy, whether or not you need to be doing deadlifts or deadlift variations for physique-related goals, and much more. To finish off the episode, Greg shares some tips on how aspiring fitness professionals can improve their writing skills and start getting published.

The Game Changers, Vegan Diets, Foam Rolling, and Keto with Michael Hull (Episode 24)

In this episode, Greg and Eric judge a carnivore diet book by its cover. After feats of strength, Greg and Eric discuss “The Game Changers,” a recent documentary with some bold claims about vegan diets, followed by a Research Roundup segment in which Greg discusses recent studies about foam rolling and training. Finally, Greg and Eric interview Michael Hull from Examine.com, who tells us all about the pros and cons of ketogenic diets.

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