Greg Nuckols and Eric Trexler from Stronger By Science share evidence, anecdotes, and incoherent ramblings on training, nutrition, science, and life in general.

Coaching Cues, Fat-Free Mass Index, Non-Responders, and Dr. Brad Dieter (Podcast Episode 10)

In this episode of the Stronger By Science Podcast, Greg shares a coaching tip on using exaggerated cues for lifting technique, then Greg and Eric discuss a ton of new studies that came out this month. Topics include fat-free mass index, dietary nitrate, caffeine, sleep, statistics, grape kool aid, and more. Eric also interviews Dr. Brad Dieter, who tells us about research on artificial sweeteners, processed foods, body fat set points, and much more.

Q&A: Hormonal Contraceptives, Rates of Weight Loss/Weight Gain, Timeline of Training Adaptations (Episode 9)

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric field listener questions about how birth control and the menstrual cycle affect periodization, optimal rates of weight loss, adjusting calorie intake while bulking, how long it takes muscles and connective tissues to adapt to resistance training, a quick tip to turn a good hypertrophy program into a good strength program, and much more.

Drug Testing, New Supplement Research, Squat Science, and Dr. Eric Helms (Podcast Episode 8)

In episode 8, Greg and Eric settle the dispute about who truly started the first ever fitness podcast. They go on to discuss advancements in athlete drug testing, research pertaining to protein and overfeeding, a surprising new study on ecdysterone supplementation, and which muscle groups are really targeted by the back squat. Then they interview Dr. Eric Helms about all things bodybuilding, including macro tracking, optimal training frequency, and management of training intensity and volume.

Supplement Regulation, Steroids, and Rick Collins, Esq. (Podcast Episode 4)

In Episode 4, Eric discusses the challenges of being an ultra-elite two-sport athlete with a bad hip, and Greg shares some crazy feats of strength. Greg and Eric are joined by Rick Collins, Esq., CSCS, one of the top legal experts in the world of dietary supplements, for an in-depth discussion about how supplements are regulated, notable instances in which supplement regulation has failed, and how consumers can make safe and informed decisions about their

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