Greg Nuckols and Eric Trexler from Stronger By Science share evidence, anecdotes, and incoherent ramblings on training, nutrition, science, and life in general.

Beta-Alanine, Training Frequency, and Strength for Hypertrophy

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric announce the hiring of two new SBS coaches and provide some exciting updates about the diet app that is currently in development. After that, Eric shares a Research Roundup segment with fascinating new findings related to beta-alanine supplementation, and Greg presents a Research Roundup covering topics including training frequency, sticking points, non-nutritive sweeteners, the effects of strength on hypertrophy potential, and more. Eric also shares some practical tips for modifying your pressing exercises in the presence of elbow and shoulder discomfort in a Coach’s Corner segment. Finally, Greg and Eric wrap up the show by answering a few questions from listeners.

Q&A Extravaganza

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric answer a ton of questions from listeners. Topics include the relative impact of lifting and protein intake on muscle protein synthesis, strategies for dealing with suboptimal sleep patterns, how to handle anti-lifting advice from your doctor, nutrition strategies that may or may not reduce muscle loss during detraining, how hard you should train, studies they’d like to see completed, topics where their opinions are firmly against the common wisdom, and more.

Caffeinated Naps, Intuitive Eating, and Q&A Catch-Up

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric begin by sharing a Good News segment, followed by a series of updates and clarifications. After some Feats of Strength, Eric provides a Research Roundup segment with studies related to caffeine naps, intuitive eating, and metabolic adaptation to weight loss. After that, Greg and Eric lament the current state of peer-reviewed scientific publishing, and Greg catches up on a ton of Q&A questions from listeners.

Testosterone Boosters, Sticking Points, and Bar Velocity Technology

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric reflect on the 4-year anniversary of their monthly research review called “Monthly Applications in Strength Sport,” also known as “MASS,” which they write alongside co-authors Dr. Mike Zourdos and Dr. Eric Helms. To commemorate the occasion, they’ve released a free “Best of MASS” issue and they’re launching a big charity sale from April 27 – May 4. Greg and Eric also present Research Reviews about testosterone boosters and barbell velocity-tracking technologies in this episode, along with a Coach’s Corner segment about sticking points, some shocking information about eels, and much more.

BMI, Plant-Based Protein, Stretching, and Mouthguards

Greg and Eric are back for Season 4! This episode begins with a big announcement about what Greg and Eric have been up to, followed by some Good News and Feats of Strength. After that, Eric discusses some new research that appears to vindicate plant-based proteins, and Greg discusses new research about how BMI, fat mass, and fat-free mass relate to mortality risk. They close out the show with some practical tips from a Coach’s Corner segment, a few miscellaneous Q&As, and some cooking info to wrap up the episode.

P-Ratios, Ischemic Preconditioning, and Q&A

This is the final episode of season 3, and it features a couple of really in-depth research reviews. After some Good News and Feats of Strength, Eric takes a deep dive into a commonly-held belief in the evidence-based fitness world, and discusses whether or not getting lean will enhance your ability to gain muscle by improving your insulin sensitivity and increasing your p-ratio. After that, Greg has an excellent review covering the topic of ischemic preconditioning, followed by a Q&A segment in which Greg and Eric answer a couple of common questions with some very practical applications.

Protein, Fish Oil, Glycogen, and What Limits Muscle Growth

This is the final episode of 2020, and it’s a science-heavy episode packed full of information. After some Good News and Feats of Strength, Eric revisits a couple of previous segments and social media posts about optimal protein intakes and the potential benefits of fish oil. Greg got some new information about a paper evaluating the use of strength blocks to increase hypertrophy, so he revisits that topic as well. Finally, Greg and Eric share some new research reviews about the importance of muscle glycogen depletion for lifters and biological factors that may limit the growth of muscle fibers, followed by a sincere “thank you” to close out the year.

Protein, Lactate, and Strength Phases to Boost Hypertrophy

Today’s episode features some Good News and Feats of Strength, followed by a huge Research Roundup to get you all caught up on recent happenings in the world of exercise science and sports nutrition. Topics covered include optimal protein intake, essential amino acids, meal timing, lactate, relationships between sleep and hunger, and muscle memory. Greg also discusses a recent study suggesting that adding strength phases to your training may promote greater hypertrophy. This study has made the rounds on social media and been widely discussed in the evidence-based fitness world, but there are some important details to consider before drawing conclusions on the topic. Finally, to play them out, Eric and Greg discuss some major food controversies that have shaken Eric to his core.

Protein & Kidney Function; Cholesterol & Training Adaptations

Today’s episode features a couple of deep dives into the scientific literature: one research review segment focuses on the effects of high-protein diets on kidney function, and another research review segment focuses on the effects of dietary cholesterol on training adaptations. Those are followed by a Q&A segment with discussions about central nervous system fatigue, creatine, leucine, fat gain while bulking, recovering from connective tissue injuries, and more.

Breakfast, Glycine, Muscle Knots, and Trigger Points

Season 3 pushes forward, and today’s episode is packed with information. The episode begins with some announcements, arguably good news, and feats of strength, followed by a couple quick research reviews about optimal breakfast composition to adequately fuel training and the potential applications of glycine supplementation for tendon and ligament adaptations. Then, Greg and Eric field listener questions about caffeine tolerance, muscle knots, trigger points, and more. To play us out, Greg shares some stunning revelations that will change the way you think about crabs.

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