Stretch-Mediated Hypertrophy and Reverse Dieting

Greg discusses the research behind how resistance training range of motion impacts muscle growth, with a special focus on stretch-mediated hypertrophy. After that, Eric dives deep into the topic of reverse dieting, which is often touted as a remedy for metabolic adaptation and a strategy to facilitate easier and more sustainable weight loss.

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Time stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Opening segment: mandatory open-access academic publishing (5:27)

Greg’s segment: stretch-mediated hypertrophy (19:15)


Partial versus full-ROM for hypertrophy (21:58)

Partial ROM at different muscle lengths (24:08)

Loaded stretching for calf growth (29:10)

“Proof-of-concept” studies (36:13)

More intensive calf stretching for hypertrophy (37:57)

Eric’s segment: reverse dieting (49:32)


Potential conflicts of interest and background information (53:07)

Overview of metabolic adaptation and relative energy deficiency (56:42)

The theoretical basis (and resulting claims) for reverse dieting (1:00:49)

Pertinent questions to be answered in this segment (1:05:29)

Metabolic adaptation versus metabolic damage (1:06:41)

To what extent does metabolic adaptation actually interfere with weight loss and weight maintenance? (1:11:20)

Is dieting with a higher calorie target actually easier? (1:21:17)

Why the metabolic phenotype research casts serious doubts on reverse dieting (1:24:07)

Empirical data from physique athletes (1:33:20)

Overfeeding at natural body weight versus weight regain after dieting (1:38:22)

Empirical data from the Minnesota Starvation Experiment (1:47:15)

Important clarifications (1:53:26)

Illusions that make reverse dieting seem way more effective than it is (1:54:56)

Is there ever a good reason to reverse diet? (2:18:56)

Practical applications and conclusions (2:23:52)

Video version

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