Cheat Meals, Sauna, and Time Off From Training

In today’s episode, Eric discusses his newest article that describes the drawbacks of “cheat meals” while recommending some more advisable alternatives. After that, Greg presents a Research Review about the time course of detraining when you take some time off from the gym. Finally, Eric answers a listener’s question about the potential health benefits of sauna bathing, then closes out the show with some bluegrass music recommendations.

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MASS Research Review

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Time stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Road to the Stage / Road to Athens (1:10)

Feats of Strength (9:04)

SBS Article Discussion: Cheat meals (11:26)

Planned hedonic deviation (29:59)

Slack with a cost / “calorie reserve” (31:53)

Research Review: Time off from training (41:27)

Q&A: Is sauna bathing actually beneficial, or does it just feel nice? (1:03:53)

To Play Us Out: Bluegrass music recommendations (1:23:36)

Video version

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