Turkesterone, Carb Overfeeding, and Commonly Neglected Muscles

Eric revisits the topic of beta-ecdysterone and turkesterone supplementation in light of some controversy within the supplement industry. Greg discusses the newest Stronger By Science article by Cameron Gill, which explores the most commonly neglected movements and muscles. That’s followed by a Coach’s Corner segment in which Eric discusses carbohydrate overfeeding in the context of bulking diets, and directly compares it to fat overfeeding.

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Time Stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Road to the Stage / Road to Athens (1:22)

Feats of Strength (3:53)

Revisiting turkesterone and phytoecdysteroids (10:37)

SBS Article Discussion: The Most Commonly Neglected Movements and Muscles (and Exercises to Address Weak Links) (28:27)

Coach’s Corner: Carbohydrate overfeeding and bulking macros (37:31)

Research Review: Does running increase aortic stiffness in men? (1:00:15)

To Play Us Out: Music recommendations for lifting (Tool and Mastodon) (1:13:09)

Video Version

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