Cognitive Effects of Creatine, Nasal Breathing, and Current Trends in Science

Today’s show begins with a recap of results from the women’s division of the IPF world champions. After that, Greg shares a hybrid Article Discussion/Tech Support segment about a new article covering MacroFactor’s revamped food logging system, which makes it (objectively) the fastest food logger on the market. After that, Greg and Eric debut the “Armchair Scientist’s Corner,” a spinoff of the Coach’s Corner segment, in which they discuss some unfavorable trends in the scientific literature. That’s followed by a Q&A segment.

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Time Stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Road to the Stage (1:12)

Feats of Strength (8:00)

SBS Article Discussion / Tech Support: Confirming MacroFactor’s top spot as the fastest food logger on the market (14:20)

Armchair Scientist’s Corner: The state of science, and rethinking the hierarchy of evidence (25:24)

Q&A (50:58)

Once you set an initial daily calorie target based on your estimated total daily energy expenditure, how do you adjust your diet from there? (51:07)

Can you actually “use” the extra water that’s associated with intramuscular creatine storage? (55:37)

What does the research on the cognitive benefits of creatine supplementation look like these days? (59:10)

Is there any detriment to mouth breathing versus nose breathing? (1:10:04)

Why do some people assume that many health-oriented nutrition principles don’t apply to them just because they’re lean, well-trained, or physically active? (1:16:18)

To Play Us Out: The history of exercise physiology (1:30:58)

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