Dietary Fiber, Responses to Feedback, and Encouraging Exercise

Today’s episode features two remarkable Feats of Strength – one from a human, and one from a tree. After that, Eric presents a Research Review segment in defense of dietary fiber, and Greg responds to some feedback about previous segments on oral contraceptives and the impact of exercise on mortality. Finally, the show closes with a discussion about how to encourage people to start exercising (and maintain it), along with some vague words of caution and a shocking revelation about kiwis.


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Time Stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Road to the Stage / Road to Athens (1:06)

Feats of Strength (3:52)

Research Review: Dietary fiber (7:25)

Three common anti-fiber (or anti-plant) claims (23:02)

Q&A (31:52)

Responding to feedback about oral contraceptives (32:00)

Responding to feedback about exercise and mortality (36:10)

How can I encourage someone who doesn’t currently exercise to start exercising and maintain it? (49:37)

To Play Us Out: Vague words of caution, and a shocking revelation about kiwis (1:09:16)

Video Version

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