Carbohydrate, Water, and Electrolyte Manipulation For Physique Athletes

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric explore the art and science of “peaking” for physique athletes. The discussion covers carbohydrate loading, water intake adjustments, and electrolyte manipulation for the purpose of transient physique optimization. This conversation digs into the limited research available, while also providing practical recommendations guided by a combination of scientific evidence and real-world experience. Finally, Greg and Eric close out the episode by unanimously recommending a TV show that aligns with the values of the Stronger By Science Podcast.


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Time Stamps

Intro (0:00)

Road to the Stage (4:16)

Road to Athens (6:47)

Feats of Strength: Jen Thompson (9:13)

Research Review: Physique science and peak week (12:31)

Defining “peaking” in physique sport (12:44)

History of bodybuilding/physique research (15:31)

How common is “peaking?” (21:51)

Observational research on “peaking” (23:05)

Experimental research on carbohydrate loading (24:02)

Quasi-experimental research on carbohydrate loading (28:43)

Research on intracellular and extracellular fluid shifts (38:38)

Practical peaking strategies (58:13)

Future directions for bodybuilding and physique research (1:01:38)

Q&A: When will Greg become a full-time host of the podcast? (1:10:09)

To Play Us Out: Righteous Gemstones (1:12:17)

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