Weight Loss Plateaus, Tough Love, and Energy Audits

In this week’s episode, Greg shares some incredible Feats of Strength, followed by an in-depth discussion about how to do an “energy audit” to troubleshoot weight loss plateaus. The conversation covers topics including metabolic adaptation, energy compensation, and a long list of factors that may lead us to overestimate energy expenditure or underestimate energy intake. After covering some of the most common physiological (and non-physiological) variables that may contribute to erroneous tracking, blunted energy expenditure, and increased energy intake, the conversation shifts toward practical solutions. Finally, to close out the show, Greg and Eric discuss some unbelievable 40-yard dash times at the 2022 NFL combine.


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Time Stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Road to the Stage / Road to Athens (1:35)

Feats of Strength (7:22)

Coach’s Corner: Troubleshooting weight loss plateaus (23:55)

The general approach (27:47)

Issues with “tough love” in coaching (30:27)

How to conduct an “energy audit” (37:50)

Drawing conclusions and planning solutions (53:43)

To Play Us Out: Unbelievable 40-yard dash times at the 2022 NFL combine (1:03:56)

Video Version

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