Fish Oil, Body-Fat Set Points, and Junk Volume

In this week’s episode, Eric presents a Research Review about the effects of fish oil on recovery and body composition, and answers a listener’s question about body-fat set points, settling points, and alternative models to explain weight regulation. In addition, Greg shares a brief research review about sports psychology, and answers listeners’ questions about training at long muscle lengths, micro-workouts, and junk volume. To close out the show, Eric revisits the topic of seed oil scaremongering.


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Time Stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Research Review: Effects of fish oil on recovery and body composition (2:04)

Research Review: Sport psychology (21:43)

Q&A: Can you address/summarize the topic of body-fat set points? (34:08)

Q&A: What is the proposed mechanism by which working muscles at longer muscle lengths produces more hypertrophy? (45:00)

Q&A: Would “micro-workouts” be helpful for building muscle? For example, getting 100 daily reps of bicep curls by doing 10 sets of 10 throughout the day. (53:58)

Q&A: On the topic of “junk volume” – what are your thoughts on a maximum number of sets per session for a given muscle group? (58:57)

To Play Us Out: An update on seed oils (1:05:25)

Video Version

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