Q&A: Protein Overfeeding, Individualizing Training, and Strength Changes During Weight Loss

In this week’s episode, Greg and Eric answer a number of questions from listeners. Topics include protein overfeeding, aches and pains during deloads, ashwagandha supplementation, the impact of weight loss on strength, interval training versus steady state cardio, and the potential value of personalizing/individualizing training programs. To close out the show, Eric shares a couple unbelievable facts about longevity in the animal kingdom.

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Time Stamps

 Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Can extra calories from protein be stored as fat? (1:33)

Why do I feel more aches and pains during a deload compared to a typical training week? (17:43)

Does ashwagandha improve performance? (26:50)

How has Greg’s weight loss impacted his strength? (40:31)

Is interval training better than steady state cardio for body composition purposes? (46:25)

Have there been attempts to quantify the benefits associated with personalizing/individualizing training programs? (54:25)

Eric clarifies one part of his ashwagandha answer (1:06:36)

To Play Us Out: Unbelievable animal physiology (lifespan) (1:09:34)

Video version

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