Reverse Dieting, Bodybuilding Mortality, and Optimizing Biomechanics

Eric gives some contextualized clarifications about how the concept of “reverse dieting” has, in his opinion, been commonly misapplied. Next, Greg explores mortality rates among untested bodybuilders using a data-driven approach, and Eric provides a quick and practical “Coach’s Corner” segment about proactively managing your sleep and circadian rhythm in the winter months. Finally, Greg and Eric answer some listener questions, and Eric closes out the show by thanking the pharmaceutical industry for giving him a new lease on life.

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Time Stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Road to the Stage / Road to Athens (4:00)

Feats of Strength (7:36)

Contextualized Clarifications: Reverse Dieting (10:37)

Research Review: Bodybuilding Mortality (34:26)

Coach’s Corner: Sleep and Circadian Rhythm Stuff (55:08)

Q&A (1:03:07)

How important is “optimizing” biomechanics for hypertrophy? (1:03:21)

How’s the transition from a meat-heavy omnivorous diet to a vegetarian diet? (1:18:57)

Should you stop taking creatine before and/or during a water cut? (1:23:33)

When tracking macros, how should we account for low-quality proteins like collagen? (1:26:27)

What are your personal and professional opinions on designated bouts of low-intensity cardio at a certain percentage of maximum heart rate versus step counts? Would either option be superior to the other? (1:39:44)

Do artificial sweeteners increase appetite, food cravings, or caloric intake at a subsequent meal? (1:49:39)

To Play Us Out: Thanking Big Pharma (2:07:37)

Video Version

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