Cooling Gloves, Cardio Considerations, and Protein in Aging

Greg shares a Road to the Stage update, and Eric takes a sharp turn onto the Road to Athens. That’s followed by Feats of Strength, and a Tech Support segment sharing MacroFactor reminders and updates related to the knowledge base, food database expansion, and the new public roadmap. Next, Greg provides an in-depth review of the literature related to cooling gloves and performance, and Eric gives some contextualized clarifications about low-calorie diets, age-related protein considerations, and positive aspects of cardio. Finally, Greg answers some listener questions, and Eric closes out the show by issuing a sobering warning about the grave consequences of Fat Bear Week.

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Time Stamps

Intro/Announcements: MASS Black Friday Sale (0:00)

Road to the Stage / Road to Enlightenment (3:17)

Feats of Strength (21:20)

Tech Support: Knowledge base, database expansion, public roadmap (28:05)

Research Review (32:28)

Contextualized Clarifications: Low-calorie diets, age-related protein considerations, and positive aspects of cardio  (59:56)

Low-calorie diets (1:00:49)

Age-related protein considerations (1:13:57)

Positive aspects of cardio and physical activity (1:22:23)

Q&A (1:33:36)

“If I’m not in a hurry to get somewhere in my fitness journey, what would happen if I just progress incrementally by adding half (or even a quarter of) a pound to the bar each week, and concentrate on good form, technique, and contraction?” (1:33:41)

“What factors seem to be predictive of successful weight loss maintenance?” (1:38:59)

“In terms of training, what’s the most I can get done in the least amount of time?” (1:48:17)

“How big of a deal are the negative effects of NSAIDs on hypertrophy?” (1:54:29)

To Play Us Out: The grave consequences of Fat Bear Week (2:00:34)

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