Calorie Restriction, Protein Restriction, App Updates

Today’s episode features a number of protein-themed segments. First, Eric summarizes some recent discussions regarding the consumption of whey protein among vegetarians, along with some information about fascinating innovations in lab-based production of protein sources. After that, Eric reviews the literature linking calorie restriction and protein restriction to health and longevity. Greg then discusses a new Stronger By Science article on reverse Nordic curls, and shares some exciting updates about the MacroFactor diet app. That’s followed by a Q&A segment in which Eric answers questions about discrepancies between MPS research and hypertrophy research, the lowest advisable protein intake that can adequately support gains, and the concept of using alkaline water or other dietary manipulations to influence blood pH. Finally, to close out the show, Greg discusses his quest to perfect high-protein bread.


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Time Stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Road to the Stage (1:50)

Road to Enlightenment (11:45)

Feats of Strength (21:26)

Research Review: Calorie restriction and protein restriction for longevity (23:22)

Tech Support: Swipe features and database updater (58:45)

SBS Article Discussion: Reverse Nordic curls (1:06:45)

Q&A (1:13:46)

What’s the lowest protein intake someone could eat while still building an appreciable amount of muscle? (1:14:09)

Why don’t MPS results match up with hypertrophy results? (1:26:30)

Does alkaline water increase blood pH? Is it possible to eat or drink anything that would change blood pH? Does it matter? (1:38:54)

1:54:25 To Play Us Out: Protein bread

Video Version

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