Refeeds, Diet Breaks, Fructose, and Sodium

In today's episode, Eric shares a research-heavy update on diet breaks and refeeds, followed by a Tech Support segment in which Greg discusses food databases and some practical tips for easy and efficient food logging. That’s followed by a Q&A segment featuring questions about topics including sleep, sodium, fructose, accuracy of self-reported food intake, managing exercise and nutrition during vacations, and much more.


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Time Stamps

Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Road to the Stage  (1:01)

Road to Enlightenment (8:56)

Feats of Strength (13:25)

Research Review: Revisiting Diet Breaks and Refeeds (19:00)

Tech Support: Food Databases and Efficient Food Logging (1:01:17)

Q&A (1:28:33)

  • I’m on a 2-week vacation. How bad could fat gain/muscle loss be? (1:28:43)
  • Thoughts on high sodium for strength sports? (1:35:33)
  • Can athletes get around the negative effects of high sugar consumption because they are more active? (1:43:43)
  • I am a fitness instructor, and I have a female client who wishes to lose weight. I tried putting her on a caloric deficit, but she is not losing weight. Is it because she is lying about her diet or there might be other external factors? (1:49:03)
  • Simple question(s): recognizing needs will vary by person, how critical is adequate sleep to gains? To body comp? And are negative effects more acute or chronic? (2:02:08)
  • Much of sport science studies are conducted on young males. Are there any studies/areas in particular that we have reasons to think female physiology would give different results? (2:13:10)
  • Is there anything within the industry that Greg and Eric fundamentally disagree on? (2:24:08)
  • If there is to be another major breakthrough in powerlifting training, which area of training do you see it being? (2:24:31)

To Play Us Out: Bear Week is Cancelled (2:30:29)

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