Capsaicin, Multivitamins, and Time Off

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric discuss some Good News and Feats of Strength, in addition to a quick update about the new nutrition app that is in development. After that, Eric has a Research Roundup segment that covers capsaicin supplementation for performance and ketogenic diets for hypertrophy. That’s followed by a Coach’s Corner in which Greg discusses how to navigate vacations and potential periods of time away from the gym. After that, Greg and Eric answer some listener questions, and Greg wraps up the show by telling his harrowing tale of undergoing a fitness assessment in a commercial gym.


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Time Stamps

Intro (0:00)

Good news (1:06)

Nutrition app update (12:18)

Feats of Strength (16:08)

Research Roundup (19:36)

Coach’s Corner: Vacation and time off from the gym (56:14)

Q&A (1:16:08)

  • Preferred body hair removal techniques (1:16:21)
  • Multivitamins: good or bad? (1:19:55)
  • Better for hypertrophy: straight sets with final set to failure, or target RPE with variable rep number? (1:35:51)
  • Biggest fitness myths on Instagram these days (1:42:39)

To Play Us Out: Greg’s fitness assessment (1:46:56)

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